Google's pre-Pixel Fold 'Jumbojack' prototype just popped up for sale

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What you need to know

  • Google used an internal foldable phone prototype called "Jumbojack" in 2021 as it tested software for the Pixel Fold and other foldables.
  • An apparent leaked Jumbojack prototype has appeared for sale online. 
  • It reveals that Google used the latest Galaxy Z Fold to test out Android 12L at the time. 

During the early days of Pixel Fold leaks, we heard about two internal Google prototypes for foldable phones: "Passport" and "Jumbojack." This week, someone with access to a leaked Jumbojack unit put it up for sale. 

Mishaal Rahman posted the pictures on X, showing a foldable phone running a stock version of Android 12L, with a build number that begins "pixel_jumbojack."

9to5Google, which first reported the news, was also the first to reveal the existence of a second Google foldable for testing software in 2021. Google used it to test how apps would look with the phone in different "postures" like "opened," "closed," or "flipped."

Rahman notes that this unit appears to be a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 with thicker bezels along the top and bottom of the display. It gives the foldable a similar look to the Pixel Fold that eventually launched two years later, with its distinctly thick top and bottom border. 

It seems Google already knew what its foldable would look like at the time and modified Samsung's hardware for its tests. We also assume that Google did so with Samsung's blessing since the developed software would be repurposed for future Galaxy foldables like the Z Fold 5.

We speculated at the time that "Jumbojack" would be a Pixel Flip, as the name implies a hamburger-style fold. This stolen prototype, aside from being an interesting slice of production history, appears to prove otherwise. That said, a 2022 leaked Google roadmap indicated Google plans to sell a Flip-style foldable in 2025, so that could still end up happening. 

Although Rahman doesn't specify where the leaked Galaxy Z Fold 2/ Pixel Fold prototype hybrid is being sold, you probably don't want to buy it. Google might be able to shut it down remotely, and you're probably better off buying a new Pixel Fold with Android 14 software instead. 

This is the second Pixel Fold leak in the past week. Last Wednesday, an alleged Pixel Fold 2 photo appeared, showing a redesigned camera module, a narrower cover screen, and a more square-shaped internal display. 

You might have to wait a while for the Pixel Fold 2, as the latest rumor is that Google pushed back its release to use the newer Tensor G4 chip. In the meantime, the Pixel Fold is currently $400 off today, in case you want the proper successor to Jumbojack.

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