Alleged Pixel Fold 2 photo could spell big changes for Google

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What you need to know

  • An alleged photo of the Pixel Fold 2 shows Google could change from a camera shelf to a square-ish housing in the top left corner.
  • This island could feature a primary lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and a periscope telephoto lens, with the final unknown for now.
  • The publication's supposed source claims the Pixel Fold 2's cover display will become "narrower" and a change in its internal display's aspect ratio could occur, as well.

Some more Pixel Fold 2 rumors have surfaced, and these could spell big changes for Google's next iteration.

Android Authority reports it has allegedly obtained a photo of the Pixel Fold 2, which quickly notes a change to its rear panel. The device's former camera shelf might be in for a redesign, as the photo shows it as a square instead of a horizontal bar. The Fold 2's cameras are stacked in two small pill-shaped rows, with its LED flash nestled at the top right.

The new square-ish camera housing is also shifted to the top left of the Fold 2's rear panel.

The publication adds the island may host four sensors: a primary wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens, a periscope telephoto lens, and an "unknown" fourth sensor. There is speculation that this fourth sensor could be the temperature sensor the Pixel 8 Pro features, but only time will tell.

Another change was spotted, potentially spelling out a change in the width of the Fold 2's cover screen. The publication's unnamed source adds that the device's "cover screen is narrower" and the internal display's aspect ratio "is closer to a square."

Continuing internally, the source states the Pixel Fold 2's prototype unit features a "display cutout" in the top right corner of its display for the camera. How it may look wasn't detailed.

An alleged look at an early Pixel Fold 2 prototype compared against the original Pixel Fold.

(Image credit: Android Authority)

It's worth keeping in mind that all of this could change between now and whenever Google decides to launch the Pixel Fold 2. The alleged photographed device is a prototype, meaning there are several more steps the company will go through before mass producing it.

However, taking things at face value, the rumored alterations to the device's cover display and internal aspect ratio feel closer to a OnePlus Open design. The original Pixel Fold was much broader internally and externally, whereas the OnePlus foldable was slimmer and more compact, like a square.

The rumored change to the front-facing selfie camera is a topic of discussion as it shifts from the original device's design. The Pixel Fold launched with a relatively thick bezel on the top of its internal display, which housed its selfie camera. This change could trim the fat, sliding the camera to the corner.

The latest rumors arrive swiftly behind yesterday's (Feb. 6) rumors that suggest Google could skip the Tensor G3 for the Fold 2. If true, this means it would contain the Tensor G4, which will likely appear in the upcoming Pixel 9 series. The Tensor G4 is rumored to not offer substantial upgrades over the G3, as users will probably find slight improvements.

Those leaks also stated the Pixel Fold 2 could feature the most RAM out of any previous Pixel device to launch.

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