Save $120 on a Pixel 6 Pro and get a pair of Pixel Buds for free on Prime Day

Google Pixel Buds 2020
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Have you been considering picking up a pair of Google Pixel Buds with a new Pixel 6 Pro? You're in luck, because this Prime Day earbud deal will get you a whopping $220 off the regular bundle price of a Pixel 6 Pro with Pixel Buds. This is one of the lowest prices we've ever seen on Google's excellent Pixel 6 Pro, which is consistently ranked as one of the best Android phones.

That's a total of $778 for the Pixel 6 Pro with the Pixel Buds, meaning you'll still save $121 off the regular price of a Pixel 6 Pro, and get the gift of an amazing pair of earbuds by Google on top of it.

These are some of the best earbuds you can buy, and they work perfectly with Google's Pixel series of phones. Just power them on, tap the pair button that appears on your Pixel 6 Pro's display, and you'll be listening to your favorite tunes in no time.

Google's Pixel Buds also have Google Assistant features built right in, so you can talk to your assistant without even looking at your phone's screen. You can do that and so much more with the Pixel Buds, and now it's more affordable than ever thanks to Prime Day!

The better to hear you with

Google Pixel 6 Pro with Pixel Buds bundle: $998 $778 at Amazon

Google Pixel 6 Pro with Pixel Buds bundle: $998 $778 at Amazon
Get one of the best smart earbuds around with one of the best smartphones around, and still save $120 off the regular price of the phone!

Just want the Pixel 6 Pro by itself? Amazon still has a few more in stock, and they're still going for $200 off the normal retail price.

The Pixel 6 Pro offers quite a few upgrades over the regular Pixel 6, including a larger screen with curved edges and a 120Hz LTPO panel, a bigger battery, a better front-facing camera, and an additional third periscope camera on the back that lets you zoom in up to 20x away.

The best mobile camera ever

Google Pixel 6 Pro: $899 $699 at Amazon

Google Pixel 6 Pro: $899 $699 at Amazon
Once you've used a Pixel camera, you'll never go back to another phone. Get pixel-perfect photos with the Pixel 6 Pro thanks to Google's intelligent algorithms and Google Tensor, the first processor built by Google.

If you're all about the upgrades, the 256GB Pixel 6 Pro is on sale in a special bundle with Google's Pixel Stand (2nd gen), a special wireless charger that quickly charges your Pixel 6 Pro and adds some special functionality, to boot.

This one's a bit more expensive at $858 right now, but that's still $220 off the normal asking price for this exact bundle. That also means this special bundle is $141 less than the normal price of the phone by itself on any old day that isn't called Prime Day. Now that isn't half bad.

That 2nd gen Pixel Stand will charge your phone wirelessly at a whopping 23W — that's nearly twice as much wattage as other wireless chargers — and it enables nifty features like the sunrise setting, which slowly brightens the screen to gently wake you up in the morning.

Wake up with Pixel

Google Pixel 6 Pro with Pixel Stand (2nd gen) bundle: $1079 $858 at Amazon

Google Pixel 6 Pro with Pixel Stand (2nd gen) bundle: $1079 $858 at Amazon
Get the official Google wireless charger built for the Pixel 6 family, featuring fast 23W wireless charging, and a few nifty exclusive features like the bedside sunrise clock.

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