Galaxy S23 drop test shows the effect of using sustainable materials

The back of the green Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung's Galaxy S23 series is tossed into a breakability test.
  • Allstate Protection Plans' DropBot sends each phone of the series down a six-foot freefall front first and then back first.
  • All three phones of Samsung's latest series uses much more recycled material than before which was the driving force behind this test.

The durability of your phone matters more so out of a case, and a recent test for Samsung's latest release shows the effects of its material choices.

The latest S23 series utilize the new Gorilla Glass Victus 2, which is tougher than previous iterations. However, the phones also use more recycled material than any line previously released by the Korean OEM. This is one of the reasons behind the latest breakability test video by Allstate Protection Plans.

Allstate Protection Plans started by using the DropBot to send the devices into freefall from six-feet high. Beginning with the front-down drop test, the base Galaxy S23 model received shattered, raised, and loose glass damage. The Galaxy S23+ received some cracks and glass damage while also suffering blows to its frame. The S23 Ultra held quite strong, even despite its curvature, receiving minimal cracks.

The second test involved dropping the phones back first. The S23's back suffered cracks quite clearly around the point of impact. The S23+ held a bit stronger while the Galaxy S23 Ultra owners can be heard cringing from the highlands as its six-foot back-drop yielded a devastating blow to its most prominent feature.

One of the driving forces behind this breakability test was to see if Samsung's choice to use sustainable materials compromised the series' durability in any way. During the promotional phase for the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung was sure to bring its "Galaxy for the Planet" initiative to the forefront. The latest series by the Korean OEM uses much more recycled material than any series previously released by it, with 22% recycled glass, 80% recycled PET, and 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic.

You can watch the full video as Allstate Protection Plans goes through each test in greater detail, covers the end results, and whether or not Samsung's choice for so much sustainable material is a good one, as all three suffered some sort of harsh punishment after a couple of six-foot falls.

If anything, it's a good case for why you should use a Galaxy S23 Ultra case or screen protector, as these phones are not cheap. 

Although, we're hesitant to say this video causes less strain on the heart than the Galaxy S23 Ultra getting scratched and burned.

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