Which phones work with Republic Wireless?

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Which phones work with Republic Wireless?

Republic Wireless uses the AT&T network for the majority of its coverage so unlocked phones that work with this network should activate without issue. Luckily, most modern phones will work with AT&T’s network including 5G.

Republic Wireless uses the AT&T network

Republic Wireless is a prepaid carrier owned by DISH Wireless that offers three mobile plans with 50% off for DISH customers. DISH Wireless is busy building its own 5G network and has partnered with AT&T to provide coverage for its wireless brands in the meantime. AT&T’s network is known for being highly compatible with a wide range of phones, including most phones purchased unlocked.

This includes most of the best Android phones you can buy today, including phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22. Even the OnePlus 10 Pro has been updated with full compatibility for the AT&T network, including 5G. Speaking of 5G, AT&T’s 5G network coverage uses bands n5, n77, and n260. Band n5 makes up most of what AT&T calls nationwide 5G, and n77 is for its mid-band coverage known as C-band.

One thing to note is that some older 5G phones won’t be able to access all of AT&T’s newer bands but will still work on the network. This means that some 5G phones from before 2022 might not get connection speeds as fast as those with full band support though speeds should remain more than usable for most of what people do on their phones. The most profound difference in speeds will be in very congested areas with thousands of users trying to use mobile data.

If you have an LTE-only phone that works on AT&T’s network, you’re in luck. Most AT&T LTE phones from the past few years will support the full LTE network, so while your speeds won’t quite match 5G, you should be able to keep using your phone as you have been.

One thing to note is that some older customers on Republic Wireless may still be using the T-Mobile network. Keep in mind that upgrading your device or plan will put you on the newer network, so if you’re looking to upgrade your Republic Wireless phones, it may be worth having a look at some of the best MVNO carriers for a better deal.

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