Visible announces new annual plans — our favorite cheap wireless carrier is about to get even cheaper

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What you need to know

  • Starting in May, Visible will allow customers to pay for a full year of wireless service in advance instead of paying monthly. 
  • Both of Visible's wireless plans are included in the update, with up to 26% in savings when you pre-pay for a full year. 
  • This update comes only a month after Visible upgraded its Plus plan to include new perks at no additional cost. 

The Verizon-owned wireless carrier Visible Plus has been offering some of our favorite data plans for years now, but they somehow keep getting better. Starting in May, customers will be able to pay for a full year of wireless service in advance and receive up to 26% in savings. A full year of the basic Visible plan will cost $275 while 12 months of the Visible Plus plan will set you back $395 when you prepay. Since those two plans usually cost $25/month and $45/month, respectively, you could be looking at some serious savings. 

Save up to 26% when you pay for a full year of Visible in advance

Save up to 26% when you pay for a full year of Visible in advance

Just a few weeks after rolling out an update that made their popular Plus plan even better, Visible has announced that they will begin offering annual payment options to new and existing wireless customers. Starting in May, pay for a full year in advance and you'll save 26% on the Visible Plus plan, no strings attached. 

Both the Visible Basic plan and Visible Plus will remain otherwise unchanged, so if you prefer to pay monthly, you can continue to do so without any interruption. 

The best value here is obviously the Visible Plus plan. Paying for a full year in advance will save you a whopping $145, and you still get all of the monthly perks included in the plan, such as unlimited talk and text in over 30 countries worldwide, unlimited data on Verizon's Ultra Wideband 5G network, and 50GB of premium data every month.

Now that the March update has been implemented, the Visible Plus plan also comes with an unlimited mobile hotspot that's twice as fast as the basic Visible plan, and you'll get one Global Pass day per month (that's unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data across 140 countries).

If Visible wasn't home to the best MVNO deals before, it certainly is now. Will 2024 see more changes from the Verizon-powered wireless carrier? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, there's never been a better time to switch.

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