The best Galaxy S24 deal on the web might be this wireless plan that gives you free Samsung phones FOR LIFE

The Samsung Galaxy 24 Ultra's colors
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We've been covering Galaxy S24 deals since the flagship lineup was unveiled back in January, but this offer from Boost Infinite might just take home the award for "most interesting". Sign up for the carrier's Infinite Access for Galaxy plan (starting at $60 per month), and they'll automatically send you the latest Samsung Galaxy S Series phone every year for as long as you keep the plan active. No trade-in is required and you'll only need to pay the applicable sales tax on the device. 

Get a new Galaxy S Series phone every year for FREE with the Infinite Access for Galaxy plan at Boost Infinite

Get a new Galaxy S Series phone every year for FREE with the Infinite Access for Galaxy plan at Boost Infinite (starting at $60/month)

If you're a Samsung fan looking for a new phone service, we seriously recommend checking out Boost Infinite. This unique MVNO carrier automatically switches between three major networks so you always get solid 5G speeds regardless of coverage, plus the Infinite Access for Galaxy plan hooks you up with unlimited talk, text, data AND a free Galaxy phone upgrade every time a new S Series device becomes available. 

In other words, keep this plan active for $60 per month and you'll never have to worry about buying the latest Samsung flagship ever again. 

Recommended if: you like to buy the newest Galaxy phones every year; you're on the hunt for a new wireless plan; you're not getting enough trade-in credit from other sites. 

Skip this deal if: you don't want to be stuck with Samsung devices; you have a phone to trade in or you've checked out the best Samsung Galaxy S24 deals and found a better offer elsewhere.

In addition to hooking you up with a free phone every year, the plan in question provides unlimited talk, text, and data from three major wireless networks (presumably eliminating any risk of de-prioritization), plus unlimited coverage in Mexico and Canada. You also get talk and text in over 200 countries worldwide.

Once the next Galaxy phone comes out, all you need to do is request your annual upgrade from Boost Infinite and wait for the new phone to arrive in the mail. Then just mail your current phone back and you'll be enjoying the latest technology that Samsung has to offer every year with zero hassle. If you decide you want to keep your current phone for longer, there's also no obligation to upgrade after the year is up. 

At least, this is how the deal is advertised. Unlike most other cell phone plans, we haven't had the chance to review Boost Infinite's service just yet, but if the Access for Galaxy plan is as good as it sounds, it's one of the best possible ways to buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 without a trade-in. 

If you're skeptical, of course, we recommend trying Boost Infinite's 30-day trial so you can get all of your money back if it doesn't work out. 

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