Pebble blue Galaxy S III stock reportedly arriving in some European stores

It looks like the famously-delayed "pebble blue" version of the Samsung Galaxy S III may be about to emerge from hiding in some European stores. According to reports from ​SamMobile​, The Phone House (the Dutch wing of the Carphone Warehouse) now shows the blue version as available on its website. And rival Dutch retailers Coolblue and Castle Telecom have reportedly received initial stock too, with the first units being prepared to go out to pre-order customers.

So lucky buyers may be able to get their hands on the blue version of the S III sooner rather than later. However, as Samsung indicated last week, stock is expected to be in limited supply for the next couple of weeks, so if you're without a pre-order, you have to make do with a marble white S III, or wait until later in the month.

Source: SamMobile

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Now to decide white or blue..
  • Save yourself the trouble and get
  • Save yourself the trouble and get
  • That's not blue, it's purple...
  • Carphone Warehouse have already started delivering pebble blue S3's to the first people that pre ordered them, mine is with my local Yodel courier and will be delivered tomorrow.
  • Indeed, mine as well - they claim to have started shipping last Friday, though the tracking number says the courier collected on Saturday. According to in-store staff today, Carphone's main UK warehouse has 250 units in stock.
  • Available in Australia too. My mate just bought one from the optus store in sydney city.