Pantech Perception possibly leaked for Verizon, packs Qualcomm S4 and 720p screen

It looks like AT&T isn't the only one getting a mid-range device from Pantech this quarter, as the Perception has apparently leaked out sporting big red's logo. Not a lot of details came with, but it's rumored to have a 720p LCD and a Qualcomm S4 under the hood. If this matches what we're about to see from the Pantech Discover, we expect a decent camera and low price point as well.

Not much ore we can say here, other than it's that time of year again. Expect to see as many leaks and rumors as you can handle during this year's Q1 trade show rush.

Source: Unwired View

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • What's with the nasty menu button? Over 1 year since ICS was released, and companies still can't target their apps (or launcher) to the correct API level? Jerry, you should call them out on this! I am glad to see them using on-screen buttons though (hint hint Samsung and HTC).
  • Thankfully they are ignoring you for now
  • I have the pantech flex which has the onscreen buttons tooo...and the menu button does not appear in the homescreen. Am guessing its an incorrect press render...
  • The menu button is there for the special options that Custom UI Android based roms have.
    Companies haven't learned that they only have to get people to long press the screen to get the same options.