Panasonic's new true wireless earbuds claim the noise canceling crown

Panasonic RZ-S500W
Panasonic RZ-S500W (Image credit: Panasonic)

Panasonic has introduced a pair of new truly wireless earbuds, the RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W, both of which offer noise cancellation technology. The higher-end RZ-S500W earbuds include Panasonic's Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology, which will offer FeedForward Noise Cancelling (FF-NC) and Feedback Noise Cancelling (FB-NC), in addition to digital and analog processing. Panasonic says that the RZ-S500W offers the best noise cancellation in its class, at least as of the day it's announced. Things move quickly in consumer electronics.

Both sets of earbuds will maintain a stable connection by using an independent left and right reception system with proper sound balance. A MEMS microphone combined with a "unique labyrinth structure" will help suppress wind noise and other unwanted sounds.

To control the earbuds, users can tap to switch between silent noise cancellation and an Ambient Sound mode that lets you hear oncoming traffic. You can also download the Panasonic Audio Connect (free) app that lets you adjust noise cancellation levels, customize sound modes, and even find the headphones if they are lost or stolen. Pricing was not announced but Panasonic says the RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W will be available in June.

Philip Berne