Panasonic Android Device Possibly Coming in 2010 ?

We weren't really aware of Panasonic Phones here in the US, in fact we pretty much had no idea they dabbled in the cell phone market (we're assuming they're big in Asia?). So it took us as bit of a surprise when Panasonic announced that they're interested in incorporating Android into some of their phones, especially since they said Panasonic Android phones can come as early as 2010. I guess when it comes to Android, everybody wants a piece.

To quote Panasonic Executive Keisuke Ishii:

"We are seriously considering developing an Android-based handset and entering overseas mobile phone markets in fiscal 2010. The global market for smartphones based on open source platforms including Android will reach 100 million units in three years," Ishii said. "We are discussing specific measures to succeed in such a large market."

Panasonic seems to have very high confidence in Android and especially in its potential. And you know what Mr. Ishii? We agree completely. Anyone who can come up with an Android phone that becomes relevant will lead to a pile of success. Everyone seems to care about Android. After a quiet first couple months, it really seems as if everyone is genuinely excited about Android. And that, is a good thing.


Casey Chan