This is our first look at Fitbit's next smartwatch

During Fitbit's latest earnings call earlier this month, CEO James Park said that the company is working on a "mass appeal smartwatch" following disappointing sales of the Fitbit Ionic. Just about a day later, we now have multiple renders showcasing what that smartwatch will look like.

Wareable obtained multiple images of Fitbit's upcoming smartwatch, and while we don't have an exact name for it just yet, it's possible it'll be marketed as either the Fitbit Blaze 2 or something else entirely.

Just like the Ionic, this new smartwatch will run the new Fitbit OS platform that allows for app support, notifications, and more in addition to Fitbit's standard fitness-tracking suite. The new watch is expected to be quite a bit smaller than the Ionic, and it'll come in black, silver, rose gold, and charcoal colors with a variety of different bands.

The smartwatch will be water-resistant up to 50m and comes with the Ionic's SpO2 sensor that'll eventually be able to track sleep apnea, but one thing it won't have is built-in GPS. I'd expect NFC to be on-board so Fitbit can keep pushing its Fitbit Pay platform, but there's no word on this just yet.

Lastly, to ensure Fitbit's next gadget can "appeal to a larger, more general smartwatch audience", Wareable's source says that this watch will also come with a lower price than the Ionic which currently retails for $299.

We'll need to get more details from Fitbit before making any real judgments, but at first glance, I really like the aesthetic Fitbit's going for here. I personally don't have a problem with the Ionic's physical appearance, but this new watch does look a lot sleeker and more polished.

What are your initial thoughts on this watch? Sound off in the comments below!

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Looks like the Pebble Time series...I like it
  • Me too! I like the look, the size, and the physical buttons!
  • No GPS is disapointing. I understand that it helps with abttery life and cost but being a fitness watch that seems like a major miss.
  • At this size, and if a much lower cost, I bet it has much lower free storage for songs too. This one is for people who will have their phones on them while they run I think.
  • Give me 5 day battery life and at least canned responses to notifications and I'll give them my money faster they can buy the next wearable company off Kickstarter!
  • yes! it needs at least canned responses to text messages. There's really no need for notifications on my ionic because I can't do anything with them. Yes, I can see whether or not I need to get my phone out to answer a call or reply to a text, but I'd rather do some simple responses on my wrist.
  • Looks nice, but I suspect this is a $199 watch (just a guess). So approaching apple territory. There is a market for a $100 (or less) watch similar to pebble. Same market as the 80s casio/timex digital watches.
  • Give me 5 days battery life and I'm in!
  • It'll likely be too expensive for a wearable and not having GPS is a deal breaker. I'm looking towards the Amazfit Bip for half the cost and at least a month of battery life when not using the included GPS.
  • My ionic does everything I need it to do besides a reply to texts! Fingers crossed the next watch will be able to. I'd happily give up gps for that!
  • Could they not deliver an update that can allow you to respond to texts?
  • Give me pebble 2018. I hate my moto 360 sport.
  • So, removing GPS is an improvement? The Ionic never came on when I wanted it to. I'd rather have an Always on Display, like Pebble.
  • Still too big and blocky compared to my Pebble Time Round 14mm. This still looks like a man's watch.