OPPO takes on Apple's MagSafe, demos MagVOOC magnetic chargers

Oppo Magnetic Flash Charger
Oppo Magnetic Flash Charger (Image credit: OPPO)

What you need to know

  • OPPO has showcased its first magnetic wireless charging solution dubbed MagVOOC.
  • It comprises a charging stand, a MagSafe-like portable charger, and a power bank.
  • The company also unveiled a new truly wireless charging system that can charge a phone from across the room.

OPPO has announced three new magnetic wireless versions of its VOOC fast-charging system, called the MagVOOC series. As its name implies, the magnetic wireless charging solutions offer an alternative to Apple's MagSafe charging technology.

The MagVOOC line-up was demonstrated at an event in China, consisting of an ultra-slim portable charger, a power bank, and a vertical charging stand. The portable magnetic charger notably bears a resemblance to MagSafe, although it has more charging output at 20W than Apple's contender (15W). OPPO says it "adopts a split design making the whole charger thinner."

On the other hand, the MagVOOC charging stand provides more power than the slim version at 40W. It looks similar to OnePlus' Warp Charge 50 Wireless charging stand which can top up the OnePlus 9 Pro in just 43 minutes, except it has a lower charging output.

Oppo Wireless Charging Stand

Source: OPPO (Image credit: Source: OPPO)

The MagVOOC power bank also has a 4,500mAh capacity, offering a charging output of 20W (via Gizchina). It can also push out 10W of power through its USB-C port. OPPO says the power bank "uses a magnetic alignment system to ensure precise alignment between the phone and the charger."

Oppo Wireless Power Bank

Source: OPPO (Image credit: Source: OPPO)

OPPO, however, isn't the first company beyond Apple to unveil this concept. Its sister company, Realme, recently announced its magnetic wireless charging solution, dubbed MagDart. It offers 50W of output for demanding charging requirements for some of the best Android phones while its lower-power version provides 15W for "quiet charging."

In addition to the magnetic wireless charging system, OPPO also unveiled its remote charging technology, quite like Xiaomi's Air Charge. The system is designed to charge a device from a few inches away with 7.5W of power. The Chinese firm also introduced its in-car connectivity systems, including a digital car key, remote vehicle control via the OPPO Find X3 and OPPO Watch 2, as well as its in-car flash charge.

As for the release date, OPPO didn't say when these new magnetic charging solutions will roll out to the market.

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