OnePlus TV will come with Dolby Atmos and eight speakers

What you need to know

  • Amazon India listing for the OnePlus TV is now live, giving us an early look at the features on offer.
  • The OnePlus TV will feature eight speakers that deliver a 50W output.
  • It will also support Dolby Atmos.

The OnePlus TV is coming later this month, featuring an optmized Android TV skin and a QLED panel. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed that the TV will offer sound and image quality that's on par with premium manufacturers like Samsung and Sony, and we're starting to see what that will look like.

The Amazon India listing for OnePlus TV is now live, giving us an early look at some of the features. The TV wiill feature a 55-inch 4K QLED panel, but what's also interesting is the fact that it has eight built-in speakers that deliver a 50W output with "punchy bass to fill your living room." That's more than double the sound output of the Mi TV 4X Pro, which has 20W built-in sound. When you factor in the fact that it has eight speakers, that's just over 6W of sound from each unit. Not ideal, but it is better than most TVs in the market today.

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Also of interest is the fact that the OnePlus TV will offer Dolby Atmos support. Most TVs have lackluster audio quality because the thin form factor just isn't conducive for audio, and while it may not be on par with soundbars, the OnePlus TV should have decent built-in audio. The TV is set for a launch sometime later this month in India, followed by global availability later in the year. If you're interested, you can now register your interest in the TV on Amazon India.

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