What you need to know

  • OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the OnePlus TV will be announced in September.
  • The TV will be available in India before any other countries.
  • It'll also be available in North America, Europe, and China.

Last week, OnePlus confirmed long-standing rumors that it was working on a TV. The upcoming gadget is aptly named "OnePlus TV", and on August 20, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau shared some new information about the television's availability.

According to a post Lau published in the OnePlus forums, the OnePlus TV will be announced in September and first be available in India.

And now, I have a very exciting announcement to share with you – the OnePlus TV is set to launch in September, and it will be available in India first.

This lines up with a report from earlier this week, suggesting that the upcoming OnePlus 7T will be announced in September, launched first in India, and then make its way to the United States and Europe in early October.

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Lau goes on to say:

We all know, "content is king," which remains one of the major reasons for television's continued relevance in our lives. Yet, the content ecosystem is quite different from one country to another. We have always had a very positive relationship with content providers in India, who have always been willing to partner with us, which guarantees great content for our users.

We are also working hard to launch OnePlus TV in North America, Europe and China regions as soon as we establish partnerships with most of local and regional content providers.

Few details are known about the OnePlus TV, but Lau hints in the blog post that the company envisions it as being a smart hub of sorts.

This shift may greatly impact the way we think about the future of our smart homes. I'm a firm believer that TV will not only become the center of our smart home, but also the center of our daily smart social hub.

I'm personally quite excited to see what OnePlus can bring to the TV market and what it does to stand out from the endless options that are already available. At the very least, we don't have long to go before all is made official.

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