What you need to know

  • OnePlus 7 Pro owners started receiving garbled push notifications earlier today, causing both confusion and alarm.
  • OnePlus has apologized for the spam notifications and confirmed that they were accidentally sent by the OxygenOS team during an internal test.
  • The company has initiated an investigation already and will share more information soon.

Quite a few OnePlus 7 Pro owners were left puzzled on Monday after they received weird push notifications from OnePlus. As can be seen in the tweet below, one of the messages had garbled Latin alphabets while the other one consisted of garbled Chinese characters.

OnePlus has issued a statement confirming that the push notifications were sent out accidentally during an internal test by the OxygenOS team. The Chinese company has apologized for the same and has assured its customers that the error is currently being investigated. More information regarding the error will apparently be shared soon. According to a few OnePlus 7 Pro owners who tapped on the messages, it caused the device to display a "browser not found" message on the screen.

Confused OnePlus 7 Pro shared screenshots of the push notifications on Twitter as it was the first time that they had received such bizarre messages. Unsurprisingly, some users were worried that the OnePlus severs may have been hacked.

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