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There's an uncountable number of holiday shopping season deals out there for unlocked Android phones, running the gambit from cheap unlocked budget phones up to a $720 Galaxy S9+. But I'll argue that the best money you can spend on an Android phone this holiday season is $479 for a discounted OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6

Sure the OnePlus 6T just came out, but we all need to remember that the OnePlus 6T is only a slight upgrade from the OnePlus 6. The "old" phone is just 6 months old at this point, and still every bit a modern phone. For $479, you aren't going to find a single device that has this level of hardware quality, specs and super-fast software. It isn't even close. $479 is even cheaper than the deeply discounted Galaxy S8 — a 20-month-old device.

And let's be honest, it can easily be said that the OnePlus 6 is a preferable device to the 6T for some people. It has all of the same specs, but still has a headphone jack and a rear-mounted capacitive fingerprint sensor. Sure the screen is a little smaller, and the notch is a little larger — you can look past those things to get a headphone jack and a faster fingerprint sensor, right? How about for $100 less? Definitely.

If you love OnePlus phones for their price and value, you have little reason to not buy a OnePlus 6 today.

The OnePlus 6 may be a half-generation old, but it's going to be supported just as long as the just-released OnePlus 6T. It has Android 9 Pie today, and will get updates for a couple years to come. It's compatible with all of the same chargers and accessories, and has a more robust third-party case and screen protector ecosystem because it's been available for so long.

If you're drawn to OnePlus phones for their price and value proposition, as so many are, you have to look at buying a OnePlus 6 for just $479. This is a unique situation this year to have both the "old" and new phones available side-by-side — do yourself a favor and take a look at saving $100 while getting effectively the same phone as what was just announced.

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OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6


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