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By the numbers: Galaxy Note 5 versus Note 4 and Note 3

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now officially official, it's time for a quick reminder of how it stacks up against its two immediate predecessors, the Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3. While all three are 5.7-inch phones with Samsung's S Pen stylus input, the company's latest big-screened handset loses a couple of trademark features, while bumping up specs in other areas.

Read on to see how these three compare.

CategoryGalaxy Note 5Galaxy Note 4Galaxy Note 3
OSAndroid 5.0 LollipopAndroid 5.0 LollipopAndroid 5.1 Lollipop
Dimensions153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6mm, 171g153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5mm, 176g151.2 x 79.2 mm x 8.3 mm, 168g
ProcessorExynos 7420 (64bit, 14nm)
Octa core (2.1GHz Quad + 1.5GHz Quad)
2.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor (Snapdragon 805)
or 1.9 GHz Octa-Core (1.9GHz Quad + 1.3GHz Quad-Core) Processor (Exynos)
2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU
or Exynos Octa-Core
Memory4GB RAM (LPDDR4)
32/64GB (UFS 2.0)
32 GB Internal memory + micro SD slot (up to 64GB)
32GB/64GB on-board storage, expandable via microSD card (upto 64GB card supported)
Display5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED 2560x1440 (518ppi)5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED 2560x1440 (518ppi)5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED 1920x1080 (386ppi)
CameraRear: 16 MP OIS (F1.9)
Front: 5 MP (F1.9)
Rear: 16 MP OIS (F2.2)
Front: 3.7 MP (F1.9)
Rear: 13MP (F2.2)
Front: 2.1 MP
Battery3000mAh non-removable3220mAh removable3220mAh removable
Wireless ChargingBuilt-inWith replacement backWith replacement back
ConnectivityWiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz), MIMO (2x2) 620Mbps
Bluetooth® v4.2 LE, ANT+, USB 2.0, NFC, Location (GPS, Glonass, Beidou)
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (HT80) MIMO PCIe
NFC, Bluetooth® v 4.1 (BLE, ANT+)
Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
Quick ChargeYesYesNo

So, Note 4 and Note 3 owners, are you planning on upgrading? Let us know in the comments!

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Ohhh snap! The rumours were true! Prepare for an avalanche of complaints, Samsung. No SD and a smaller battery. The enthusiasts will be in uproar.
  • I suspect Samsung sabotaged itself. Knowing that it reached perfection with the Note 4, there was really nothing they could add. They figured they'd take a year off and put this shinny iCrap clone out to please the chullins.
  • lol ".... [T-Mobile]→ Samsung ''charcoal" black 32 gigs onboard storage plus a 64-bit Samsung SD card...." {Android Central App}
  • Good point! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Dude all they had to do was put a fat battery in it and everyone would have lost their mind. They would have sold an insane amount of these phones.
  • I agree, fat removeable battery and wireless charging, would have ruled the world.
  • totally agree ... no incentive to deal with TW and bloatware. removable would've been preferred, but at least go 4000+
  • Yes - a removeable battery and I would have been on-board. As it stands, the Note 4 remains the pinnacle of Smart Phone desgin.
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App and Note 4
  • Oh yea! I have trouble enough with the battery life in my Note 3 (granted it's because I have too much on my phone that eats it) and an SD card is a BIG deal to me!!! Battery & SD card are the MAIN reasons I went with an Android vs iPhone! Please don't make me go to the dark side!!! :(
  • The Note 5 is available for me, but I'm going to upgrade from my Note 3 to the Note 4. I want the SD card, and from my terrible battery life, I'm not going to have myself locked in. The smaller battery and no replacement was what killed it for me. The Note 5 doesn't offer enough difference to get my vote.
    Think again Samsung.
  • Oh no they didn't !! NONE Battery removal !!! I was planning to upgrade but I need my Zerolemon 10000mah Battery !!! I guess I'll wait for the Note 6 !!
  • lol..because Cakefish doesn't care about those features OBVIOUSLY means we're wrong for caring.
  • All I can say is glad I got the 4. Maybe wish my S3 hadn't crapped out in May so I could have gotten a better discount, but perfectly happy w/ the 4 right now.
  • Hopefully you'll be happier with it when you get 5.1.1 soon since 5.0.1 with touchwiz is terrible on it
  • That's why I'm still on Kitkat with my Galaxy Note Edge. I've heard the horror stories. Posted From my Verizon Galaxy Note Edge via the Android Central App. And Don't Eat The Yellow Snow!
  • Here in my Note 4 I've disabled all the applications from Samsung which were liberated to be disabled (specially the S-Voice) and Touchwiz is fast and fluid. No lags ou crashs. Of course, just that "up and down celullar signal" bug... ;)
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • No thanks. Not even a freaking cpu upgrade over the s6. Next phone=not samsung
  • wow... those numbers don't really tell a great tale about the new device.
  • How was the note 3 a QHD with a pixel count only 1080???? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Will def be keeping my 4 and grabbing the new moto x as an alternative. This 5 is a jumbo s6 with a pen. No thanks. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Same thing I was thinking! Disappointed Posted via the Android Central App
  • What he said!
  • Looks like I will be hanging on to my Note 4.
  • Doubt it, my wife has a Note 3 that started acting up a bit once it updated to Lollipop (AT&T if that makes a difference). I'm thinking of buying the Moto X Style, she rarely use the S Pen and the differentiating features of the Note 3. And we're in no rush, wait 6 months or so and I'm sure Motorola will eventually run a special.
  • Cyber Monday is your friend when it comes to Motorola
  • My husband and I both have the Note 3. I've had issues with my from day 1. To be fair though, most of mine has been battery but it is clearly my fault with too much crap running. Hubby & I swapped batteries to check. Once I got the Lollipop update (he didn't update to it) mine has been crapping out even more. Now for some reason I can't even send a text from home but I can receive them just fine and let's not even talk about cell service. It's got to be something with the upgrade because prior to that it was fine. 7 people in one room all with Verizon as carrier (1 iphone, 2 Note 3, 1 Samsung Brightside, 1 Galaxy S5, 1 other Samsung & 1 Motorola) and I am the ONLY one with no service. Grrrrrr!!! Oh and some folks in the room had Lollipop but they had 5.1 vs my 5.0.
  • Totally disappointed! What's happening to Samsung? They haven't learned from their experience with S6. It's my time to say goodbye to Samsung.
  • I would say that by the time they learned from the S6, the Note 5 was too far along to make changes. A lot goes into producing these devices and they're less than 6 months apart.
  • Not impressed at all. And it says expandable up to 64 but we all know it can go well beyond that for the N4 Posted via the Android Central App
  • And my Sprint Note 4 just updated to 5.1.1 and it is a fantastic phone as always.
  • Glad I picked up a Note 4 last week
  • It's painfully clear Samsung is not in touch with their Note customers. Having upgraded every year to a new Note, this year Samsung will miss out on the sale of two new Notes as my husband and I keep our Note 4 phones and the hefty storage provided by a micro SD.
  • Not even a 128 gb version as a compromise to the non expandable storage Posted via the Android Central App
  • Color me ... totally unimpressed. By the way, the Note 4 can handle micro SDXC cards of at least 128 GB. I know because I have one in my Note 4 now. I guess it's still going to be my primary phone until the LG G4 Pro. Honestly, the Note 5 looks so bad that I have little hope for the Note 6.
  • Actually, it can handle SDXC up to 2TB, when they exist.
  • My bad. So it's not 64 GB max for the Note 5 vs 32 GB + 128 GB for the Note 4 for over twice the total storage of the Note 5
    It's 64 GB max for the Note 5 vs 32 GB + 2 TB for the Note 4 for over SIXTEEN TIMES the total storage of the Note 5 I stand corrected.
  • WHY? SOMEBODY PLEASE.... explain why on earth would you create such a travesty! #samsungfail Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well.. We have all forgotten our Car Keys at some point... Oops Samsung forgot what the Note Series IS and who it is for. And they forgot that they make SO MANY MODELS that they can easily have a Note Pro Series (SD card/ fat Battery or removable Battery / more durable like Note 4) and a Note Series ( Consumer like Note 5).
    AND a S7 and an S7 Pro.
  • The Note series has always been their "Pro" device, but I guess with how well they've been selling, Samsung has gotten it in their heads that they should forget about the "Pro" part and try and make the Note series more mainstream.  Sad day for Note fans.
  • Nope. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Note 5 is Lollipop 5.1 not 5.0. Error in the description. I will upgrade because of the S6 camera and a better S-Pen. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just bought a 64GB card for my Note 3, I think I'll keep it for a VERY long time. Shame on you, Samsung. The Note 5 is a DISSERVICE to the Galaxy Note and EVERYTHING it stood for.
  • Unfortunately, Samsung disappoints by no longer offering a replaceable battery. I'll stay w/ Note 3 simply because I can carry an extra battery or two and go for days w/o carrying a charger or re-charger. Wireless recharging is no big advantage. Underwhelmed. Too bad because I would have upgraded if they had replaceable battery and micro SD expansion.
  • And even if you really wanted wireless charging Samsung themselves sell replacement backs that are a tad thicker but support Qi. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the official Android Central app for... Well... Android!
  • Hanging on to my Note 4. No replaceable battery killed it for me. Ditto Sd card.
  • Ditto
  • Yes.They made it easy for you to keep Note 4 because Note 5 is a downgrade.
    Note 4 is best Power Android Device so far.
    Wish there was a Note 4 Compact.
  • Honestly, I was expecting this from the get-go. My low expectations were met, and honestly, I wasn't thrilled about the device when it launched as well. Maybe Samsung will come to their senses if LG delivers with that G4 Pro.
  • Probably not, because they wouldn't have sold any more note 5's if they kept the removable battery and expanded storage, and they know it
  • Unless they lower the price on those
  • Lol LG yeah right, have you seen LG's sales for the G4. SGS6
  • Yeah, I know the sales number for the G4 as I type every comment since owning my G4. I'm not saying that LG will sell in Samsung-rivaling numbers, but that G4 Pro, if it impresses, might draw the Note faithful towards it. The Note faithful may not be the majority of Note users, but they are usually loyal users and losing them is a big blow.
  • I just wish they will make the keyboard cover for Note 4, so I could retire my BlackBerry
  • Nope, I'll stay with my Note 4 until Samsung gets back on their senses and stop trying to be an iPhone or until someone else offers me something better. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'll "never" buy a samsung device again! Hehe - Resale value sucks!
  • The force (intermittently copying from Apple) is strong with Sammy. Got the N4 last year at which point I decided to keep it for 2 years at least. Glad I did. I really hope Motorola emerges as a contender. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'll keep my note 3 for now. If I had to buy one today it would be the 4. The note used to be about non stop productivity. Now it is about making the people that don't buy it happy.
  • I am definitely not upgrading from my N4. Smaller battery and it's non removable. Only benefit is the camera but even on the N4 my pictures are incredible. Samsung just had to release the next one, couldn't stay behind in the game. No advancements, all basics. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This will be the first time in 7 years I won't be upgrading my phone because it's not really an upgrade. Just newer. For what the note 5 has over the note 4, the note 4 has an equal amount over the note 5. Guess I'll get getting a smart watch to satisfy my new tech cravings Posted via the Android Central App
  • Definitely not worth it. I'll stick with my 4 and hope that 6 has significant changes. So far I've been a 2 and 4 owner, may as well keep it even numbers.
  • +1
  • would you go from a 2 to a 5? i have a 2 now....
  • Hard to believe these facts when the note 4 had expandable memory with 128gb and not what is stated with a mere 64gb.
    Samsung also removed the sd card for several reasons that also benefit the consumer. Sd cards slow down the device, causing over heating, sd cards are susceptible to corrupting, therefore, losing all content and what happens when your phone is lost or stolen? Oh yeah the sd card is gone too .
    Everyone complains when their sd card goes bad or their phone is stolen and then they wish they would of backed up to a cloud service or why their content didn't automatically back up. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Umm......if your phone is stolen not only do you lose your SD card but you also lose the internal storage on said phone. People with SD cards still have the option to upload to the cloud just as much as people without. So using that as a "con" doesn't really fly. If people don't want to use the cloud with an SD card, they wont want to use one without it either, and therefore they're in the same exact boat regardless. Listening to people try to justify taking options away from the table always make me laugh. Internal storage can become corrupted as well, and cloud data can get deleted. Removing the SD card in no possible way "benefits the consumer". Give people options and let them decide what works best for them. Deciding what works best for someone else is stepping into Apple territory.
  • Amen! Which is what I love most about Android. I wish Samsung could find more original ways of competing with Apple. The are copying them from design all the way down to that last statement you made. If we wanted an iPhone, we would have bought an iPhone...sticking with my Note 3 for awhile.
  • Two thumbs up! Excellent feedback articulated perfectly.
  • I disagree. I use an SD card, and sure, if my phone is stolen, i loose my SD card. But all my important info is backed up to my Google account, so no harm no foul, other than the money I am out to buy a new card. That being said, this is a move by Samsung to join the Fremium crowd, more than likely. "Come on over and upgrade to the Note5, and we will give you 2 free GB of cloud storage, but you can purchase more for the low low price of your 100 dollars a month!"
  • Call me crazy, but I think the Note 5 is a definite improvement in pretty much every aspect, apart from expandable storage and a removable battery. Not a big one, but still a general improvement.
    And also, don't be bummed by the 7% smaller battery, the Exynos 7420 processor is one of the most efficient processors out there. We have yet to see the actual battery performance and consumer reviews. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's never a good idea to take them at their word on how the processor handles battery power when brand new. Because after one or two updates there's no guarantee on how that processor will function. Almost ALWAYS the device will lose it's battery efficiency to some degree. The only phone i've ever owned that didn't, was the Razr Maxx.
  • Agreed about losing battery efficiency.  Except that, now, Note 5 owners won't be able to replace the battery easily.
  • And using the SAME screen is definitely an improvement! The screen resolution bump will be a factor for me in my next vr purchase. I love gear vr on the note 4, but the grainyness going away is something I'm looking forward to.
  • Note upgrading from my Note 4. Staying put.
  • Actually the Note 4 is on 5.1.1 already... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have the 910C and still stuck on 5.0.1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • On Sprint yeah. Sprint GS3 on FreedomPop.
    Crying because the Note 5 just made me feel like I'm waiting for a Verizon update.
  • At over 2 years old, my Note 2 runs fine. ORIGINAL PLAN was to wait and pick up a Note 5. HOWEVER, bought a Note 4 a couple of weeks ago due to expectations that the Note 5 would LACK both card slot and removable battery - AND because AT&T dropped the price on the N4 by $370 (price reduction + instant rebate). Hope is that - between the N2 and the N4 - I will be set for a fairly long time, even if the N4 eventually gets relegated to "PDA" usage, and its Mobile Phone functions are off-loaded to a newer device. Currently the N2 is a designated "Conference PDA": am a Dedicated Note Taker (Yay MessageEase!), and with 3 batteries the N2 will run ALL day. So, NO: Will NOT be buying a Note 5. And probably not a Note 6: even IF it returns to form, expect BOTH of the current Note devices to still be running for several years.
    Have a Dell Axim X30 that dates to June 2004. A Windows Mobile PDA, it functions as well as it ever did - although both batteries are now rather weak: the Notes may not last Over 10 Years, but with REPLACEABLE BATTERIES and EXPANDABLE STORAGE one can always Hope.....
  • Incredibly disappointed!!! Will NOT be upgrading to N5. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm pretty good with my Note 3 with Lollipop. But thanks anyway, Sammy.
  • Same here, will stick to my Note 3 for a bit longer...
  • I think I'll keep my Note 4 unless that 3000 mah battery lasts two days. Otherwise I'm going to stay with the Note 4! Nothing interests me enough to want to upgrade.
  • Some of the note 3 specs are not correct.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It seems like smartphones have peeked. I personally think the Note4 is better than the Note5. Posted via the Android Central App. On my Nexus device or my LG G2 unlocked version
  • I agree. It seems the place for the biggest improvement in smartphone currently is battery tech. Yet all manufacturers seem to ignore that. It's unbelievable to me to lower the battery capacity even if the processor is more efficient. You slap a more efficient processor in there AND a larger battery, then I might be interested to a degree. The first manufacturer to actually focus on battery life, AND do these stupid incremental bumps in specs is going to do gang busters in the market.
  • I plan on upgrading my Note 3, only because it's been dropped a few too many times and is doing some weird things, but this shows me no reason to go with the Note 5. Nonremovable battery, SMALLER battery, and no SD card are dealbreakers.
    I've been a fan of Samsung since getting the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, but the S6 and now Note 5 are leaving me fairly unenthused with them.
  • I'm a note 4 user i will think twice for upgrading my phone to note 5 because of missing yhe mc cardslot and im waiting for official update to 5.1.1 and see how it will be running? I didnt see something really to attract me to the phone except the design itself .. but design aint enough to pay almost 900 us dollars for it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Im still happy with my Note 3. I plan to keep if a system reset returns her back to her prior snappiness. Note 5 no sdcard and no removable battery are dealbreakers for me. Samsung removing the differentiating features is a bad decision imo.
  • You're not alone, believe me.
  • There are 3-4 newer Customroms,TW,Note 4,Note 5 and S5,S5edge,CM12.1 and so on, for the Note 3,you can get wat you want and they make a wonderful Device out of the amazing note 3 even after 2 years.I willk keep it for 1 year again,no reason to change this!
  • Just ordered two note 4's and will keep our Note 3's as backups. Too much money for too little "flexibility" with the new Note 5 and buying the Note 4's was my way of protesting the Note 5. As for the presentation itself, sure are "pretty" phones but that is NOT what I pay a premium price for and when I can have the Note 4 actually do MORE for me than the Note 5, "pretty" can take a hike.
  • Pretty is like that super model that can do nothing else but look good "you know that trophy wife". Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung really? You put in a smaller batter in the 5. It should have been either bigger then the note 4 batter or at a minimum the same size Posted via the Android Central App
  • I will not upgrade... I will run my Note 4 to the ground and then buy Motorola. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You're gonna buy Motorola? Can I get in on that? I could throw twenty bucks in! :P
  • Motorola Phone..(sorry, sometimes I forget the type of audience in this forum)
  • Not exactly loving my G4 after leaving from my Note 3, but glad I didn't wait for this. Seems like a step backward.
  • What's the let down with the G4? Seems to be the only flag ship offering removable battery and Sd. Does it have an IR blaster? Posted via the Android Central App
  • It does have an IR blaster, which is awesome. Some things I've noticed: The (lack of) touch sensitivity is a REAL issue! It constantly does not respond to touch, or is delayed. It gets WAY hotter than my Note 3. Havent tested it, but the battery life seems worse... I'm plugging in WAY sooner in the day. SERIOUS software lag/freezing, compared to the Note 3, surprisingly. LCD is harder to see in daylight (and with polarized lenses) than AMOLED. Occasionally the back buttons are inconvenient (when i want to adjust volume while it is in a workout armband). And at moments it actually feels like CHEAPER plastic than Samsung uses. Hard to quantify... the buttons are "looser" (that's what she said). And lasly... call me crazy... I preferred... TOUCHWIZ! Ha. All that said, I appreciated coming down a little in size. And the camera is great. And, in good light conditions, the screen is superior. Quick charging is great! It's a solid phone. There are just things that Sammy did better. But it's all irrelevant, as I use both a spare battery AND the SD card. So Samsung wont win me back until those come back... :(
  • Have a Note 3 on Verizon. Given the non-removable battery and no SD card support, I may just buy a used note 4 off Amazon or Ebay. Specs are close enough between 4 and 5 to not make a difference.
    I am disappointed in Samsung. I-padish tablets and now I-Phoneish Phones. If I wanted an IPhone I would buy an IPhone not something from an Apple wanabe company.
  • If you going to buy a Note 4, I suggest , don't even bother with craigslist. Swappa is where I got my "as new" Note 4 for a fraction of the cost. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I got the Note 3, i was hoping that samsung could gimme a compelling reason to upgrade but for some reason they failed to ignite my inner geek.
    The lack of a microSD slot is a deal breaker for me, i just dont want to have to be bothered about copying my songs, pictures and videos each time i switch devices. My experience with reinstalling apps is painful enough for me. I am going to stick to my Note 3, i might get a Moto device either Moto Play or Moto G (for the bloatware free quick updates}
  • This is all just shocking and terrible. I used to be a true blue Samsung fan. I knew after the Samsung S6 was released that Samsung was changing directions. The S3, S5, Note 3 and Note 4 are all spectacular devices, they put Samsung on the map big time. This new direction is ridiculous. Laugh all you want but if I had to choose between a Moto G 2015 or a Note 5 I would pick the Moto G 2015. In a way I want to thank Samsung because after the S6 was released as a form of protest I went out and purchased a Nexus 6, it's the best thing I could have done. Posted via the Android Central App
  • "So, Note 4 and Note 3 owners, are you planning on upgrading?" That would be a negatory, good buddy. A BIG negatory.
  • I traded my Note 3 for the Note 4, so I can't speak on it, but the Note 4 is compatible with 128GB microSD card.
  • Actually up to 2 TERABYTES if you can get your hands on one. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the official Android Central app for... Well... Android!
  • Well, was holding onto the Note3, which I still completely love and use all day long, with the N5. I figured there would be a bit of a difference between the 4 and 5 since there was not a BIG diference between the 3 and 4. Guess I'll hang onto the N3 till N6 or might even try the Apple now since I've not gone that route yet... Poor Samsung. Leaving it's customers hanging out to dry :(
  • 2 Note 4's and we will be staying on the Note 4. Worst case scenario is I'll flash them with a NON touchwiz version of the software.
  • I go through 2 to 3 or more batteries a day on my Note 4 Edge. A smaller and non-removeable battery is a nonstarter for me.
  • Crazy!
  • What a huge disappointment. ..I'll stick with my Note 4
  • I could care less about the Note 5 not having expandable storage but the smaller battery and no MHL don't cut it for me. I'll be keeping my Note 4. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I been trying to convince myself for few months that i am done with samsung and now THANK YOU SAMSUNG for making it easier for me . I have been on Note series since the first NOTE . I was looking forward for Note 5 and was expecting a metal body with SD CARD and replaceable battery and many new features . Note 5 DO NOT MUCH to offer comparing to Note 4 . Finally i have a reason to jump off Samsung wagon and get on the next Google NEXUS phone.
  • not to be a jerk but, you just listed a ton of reasons why you hate the note 5... then you say you'll resolve this by buying a phone the embodies everything you listed? just buy a note 5 and be happy it that's you plan
  • I am very disappointed.
    Note 5 has a lower battery capacity, there is no SD card, no replaceable battery ... :(
    If my Note 4 not receiving soon 5.1.1 and during the next year Android M (v5.2), I'll have to say goodbye forever to Samsung.
  • I think this is a marketing scheme Samsung is playing. Release an inferior Note 5. Everyone clamors for the removable battery and SD card. All the old features.. Note 6 comes out with everything everyone has asked for and sells like hotcakes. Coke 2 all over again. Sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone. Apparently Samsung had low numbers in 2014 and this is their plan for the future.
  • Get real the people who are complaining about those features. Are in the minority, wake up time to stop dreaming. SGS6
  • Right... that's why their sales numbers with the S6 are well below expectations.  Because all those "real people" complaining about the "plastic" back suddenly decided to run out and finally buy a Samsung device.
  • I'll be skipping the Note 5 due to the removal of the microSD and no removable battery. I've owned the Note 2, 3 & 4 but my next phone will be the Moto X Style (Pure).
  • The note 5 is disappointingly good looking, i considered upgrading from my note 4 until they said no more sd cards and no more battery removal. I trully hope that samsung is not digging its own grave with these iphone-like downgrades from what we're used to. I see only steps backward from the note 4 and nothing innovating. And seriously, 64gb? Wtf am i to do with 64gb? Hopefully the note 6 would correct the disgrace that is this next generation of galaxy.
    We dont want looks over features, if i wanted a retarded fone that looked good id have gotten an iphone. This is literaly the only year i havent recomended samsungs to anyone; embarassing and disapointing.
  • The sad truth is most of the people who buy smartphones care more about the looks of the phone than it's hardware features... so Samsung will probably continue down this road. It's amazing how many people would rather have a thinner phone than a bigger battery... and manufactures like non-removable batteries because people will typically replace their phones quicker as it's too costly to replace these batteries, and the general public doesn't know any better. Heck, even a lot of people that have removable batteries don't realize they can get a good replacement battery off of amazon for $10-$20... I had to point this out to someone the other day who was going to get rid of their GS4 because of a weak battery. And SD are difficult for most people to use... most people don't know how to manage file systems and files on a SD card. They don't know how to get files back and forth between their computer either or access an SD card from a computer. They don't understand that they need to verify where their camera is storing pictures, and if they add an SD card lather they could have pictures in two different spots on their phone... SD cards just complicates things for most people, that's another sad truth. I understand why Samsung is going this way but it doesn't change the fact that it pisses me off they are ruining what was a great line of phones in my opinion. So all of us in the tech community have to suffer lose the features we want because all of the lemmings in the general public don't know or care and will buy this stuff anyways... hence why the iPhone has been so successful.
  • Well said my friend. As soon as the S6 was shown off to the public, I immediately bought a Note 4. My gut feeling, at that time, has become true with todays press release. Such a shame. I'll be rock'n my N4 for awhile I guess...... or unless Sony debuts a Z5 Ultra version.
  • No thank you. This will be the first year that I don't upgrade to a Note device. I could have lived with the non removable battery. It would have been a very difficult decision given the lack of expandable storage. But the fact that they used the same cpu add the S6 and a smaller battery than the Note 4, I will be keeping my Note 4. Too bad... Hopefully another manufacturer can woo me with am amazing product. I will keep my Note 4, with my ability to use my 64 GB micro SD card, bigger and removable battery, infrared blaster, and faster processor, even if it's just a measly quad core. Next time, come correct Samsung or stay your ass at home. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung will lose some sales to phone geeks who want more storage and bigger batteries. However this will most likely be the best selling Note yet because... Shiny! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Us geeks have big mouths. Who do you think the regular folks come to when they want buying advice? Especially before purchasing a 700+ dollar device. I will only recommend this thing to someone upgrading from a note 3. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not me, I would recommend a Note 4 over the Note 5 to some upgrading their Note 3... LOL
  • THIS.  I have personally caused multiple people to buy a Note device over the past few years, just showing them what all it can do, and letting them hold mine to see if they like the size.  Usually the first comment is something along the lines of "that's not as huge as I thought it would be" and then they put it in their pocket to see how well it fits, etc.  I think most non-techies are better off with the Moto G, at this point.
  • That curved back... Xiaomi mi note pro anyone? Posted via my ViperM9
  • Owned every note so far but sticking with a Note 4 rather than getting this broken note 5..... Posted via the Android Central App
  • What part of no don't they understand? Posted via Android Central App
  • omfg even the. iPhone has 128 gb phones and that was last years model. the note only comes in 32/64 lmao. yes
    let me. give up my 160 gigs for 64 please. lmao where is the IR. blaster?? took that away too.. ohh wow I hope Samsung sells 2 fucking phones. I'm. so pissed. this will be the first time in 9 yrs that I haven't upgraded yearly. thanks Samsung. I'll keep my better note 4. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Really? that IR blaster was so awkward. In the time that it would take me to get that damn application up and ready to control the TV my wife done found the remote, changed the channel AND got a glass of water. Not a deal breaker for me, lol.
  • Bought a receiver off eBay last year that came without a remote.  Ordering a new one from Harmon Kardon would have cost $40+shipping.  The app I installed on my phone to give me access to the buttons that the cheap universal remote didn't have only cost me $3.  I'm not saying I would want to use my phone as an IR remote 24/7, but it's a great option to have when you need it.
  • Works in seconds for me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Smaller battery?? Heck no. I will either keep my note 3 go with the note 4 or try a different company.
  • Not exactly excited about the Note 5; however, the new processor, extra RAM, Lollipop being the initial release software - instead of a slightly buggy update - and the physical keyboard are enough (barely) to justify me upgrading from my Note 4, I'll probably pick up another Note 4 off contract from Swappa or something since I'll need a device to hold my microSD card...
  • I hope this will result in a lot of factory reset and swiped Note 4s showing up on eBay at very low prices.
  • Uh, that's a big fat NO!
  • it's a galaxy NO. the galaxy NO 5
  • The good thing is these will be cheap by Christmas. Posted via Android Central App
  • Definitely going to keep my 32gb note 3 with 128gb SD card and upgrade to a cheaper note 4. I guess I'm waiting for note 6 now. What a waste of my time. I usually don't care about the look because I cover them anyways. But non removable battery and non expandable memory kills it for me. Posted via Android Central App
  • You guys are all crazy! This phone is awesome! The only thing it needs is the 128gb model that is made but not offered yet. I have a 32gb Note 3 with a 128gb card and I use most of the storage, so I don't think 64gb is realistic. But I'm in once AT&T says they'll offer the 128.
  • What do you fill all that space with?!
  • the note 5 is a downgrade from the note 4. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not upgrading. The non-removable battery is the deal killer for me.
  • I was happy with the 4 running Kit Kat. AT&T sent 5.0 and my phone went nuts with overheating. Then 5.1.1 showed up and it got a bit better but battery life still sucks. 2 weeks ago AT&T removed 5.1.1 and I am back to 5.0 and some overheating. My Galaxy Note 4 Tab has 5.1.1 and works great on AT&T's 4G. I may wait until the Note 6 comes out. I went from Note 1 to 4. I will wait until there is more information on the 5. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Doesn't note 5 have android 5.1?
  • Literally just bought the Note 4 from Verizon for $200 ($300 Without $100 Port in Credit from Sprint.). I had a perfectly functioning Note 3 for 1.5 Years and was hoping the rumors were false about the battery, SD slot and lack of substantial camera i.q. gains. Samsung seems to be putting out this I Note 5 to please the loooozers who were complaining about "feaux" leather Build and lack of glass. Had no reason on waiting for the actual release when a better phone was already available and CHEAPer
  • So, Samsung seems to be just blindly imitating the iPhone in design again. There is nothing new to be seen in the Note 5. Just some negatives such as non removable battery, no SD card slot and a body fused with lots of adhesives!! Guess Apple iPhones are much better and easier to repair than the 2015 premium samsung phones. The good times for Samsung is going to come to an end if they don't bring out user friendly devices in future. User replaceable battery and expandable memory were the two main features that made me stick on to Samsung flagships until the S6 was launched. Really sad to see this transition!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • No expandable storage, no removable battery, no USB-C, no front facing speakers, and they removed the IR blaster. This is just dumb. I'm going to wait to see how Huawei does with the Nexus 6, and keep my Note 4.
  • Wow! How low can Samsung go! I'm keeping my Note 3 (which is still a fabulous performer) and getting a Note 4 as a second phone! Ain't gonna spend on something which does not have what we perceived it would be! Still 5.7in (hoping for slightly larger i.e. 5.89in or a whopping 6in screen), a lowered mAH battery by 200mAH (though it has fast charging but preferably bigger battery), no SD Card support (that sucks) and I don't take selfies :p..
  • You know, when I saw the leaked specs I was like "wow, the barely bumped the specs... Just don't do what you did with the S6 and I might hand over the $800. Well, you just lost that $800. Sorry Sammy. I might look onward to OnePlus or Moto. Not coming back till you see what you did wrong. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the official Android Central app for... Well... Android!
  • I'm very disappointed as I heard the new note 5 would have a higher resolution. I wanted a little bit better resolution because as it is now, the note 4 has an awesome resolution except when you put it into the oculous virtual reality device. It has a lower ppi resolution than the S6 or S6 edge. Even with the higher resolution in ppi the images on the oculous can be pixilated looking. So I was so looking forward to higher ppi. No need to buy the note 5 when the note 4 is better in many other ways ie.. removable battery as my battery life now sucks which buying a new battery will fix
    . I'm not that big on higher storage since I don't store alot on my phone but with the oculous you download alot of things to your phone for it and so I would think they would leave the option to add storage.
    The images are awesome but if they had higher resolution I would be buying the note 5 and the oculous vr for that device. Wow seems like Samsung didn't really think about the oculous VR users with this one.
    1. The oculous takes your battery life (it would be nice to have a back up batter for your phone and use one for use in the oculous vr.
    2. All the aps, videos ect.. the oculous vr takes space on your phone.
  • Really disappointed....
  • Samsung just launched an iPhone with their name on it... Nothing else...
  • When I first started reading leaked specs, I was thinking "incremental." Now, I'd have to say that Samsung should have named it the Note 4+, because the specs are really just bumped up to what's relatively current. Then too, you lose the removable battery (and get a lesser-capacity battery in the move) and the SD slot. The S-Pen functionality gets a bump too.
    All told, the Note 5 would make a decent phone if I already didn't have a Note 4. Since I do, I don't see any reason to jump to the latest model. It's not just Samsung. Everything phonish seems to be improving marginally with the latest versions and "the next big thing" is really just "a little bit better last big thing."
  • "Note 4 Lite" is more like it... Android 2015's 'Biggest Loser'.
  • I own a Note 3 and I use it for work on the field.
    Removable battery is a must. I use GPS all day long. 8 hours and that's it the battery is done.
    But with a Note 3... 30 seconds, a fresh battery and I'm ready for an extra 8 hours.
    Where's my next phone?
    Gonna take good care of the one I own!
  • Well put! I also own a Note 3 and I am planning to do the same... take care of the phone I own! FYI, I think I accidentally hit the "report" button on your comment, sorry about that.
  • I can see why they went with a smaller battery. I'm sure MST and Fast Wireless Charging take up significant space in the device. With the 14nm process maybe the battery life will be equal to previous generations. Advancements in technology means that you can do more with less. Everyone is so focused on specs. I have the note 3 and the only time I replaced my battery was about a year in when it didn't last quite as long as it used to. Threw the old one away. I have never removed my 32gb SD card since I put it in. I got 50GB BOX cloud storage to offload important pics and videos, so my current 32+32gb in note 3 is plenty. Who really still keeps 100GB music collection on them anymore. 2004 called and wants its iPod back. Use Spotify or something people! Because that was enough for me, I pre-ordered the 64GB Black GN5 on VZW. WIll compliment my unlimited data plan quite nicely. I'm not losing any features I will really miss. The only thing I don't like is having to pay $100 for an extra 32GB when I have a card that cost less than $20, but whatever. And when my battery goes flat in this device...I'll send it in to have it replaced. Though the battery is spec'd less VZW's site claims 1.6 hours more browsing time on GN5 over GN4. Just saying Really!? It's not a big deal guys. It's just specs. Samsung is trying to cater to both the fanboys and the general users and it seems like we will all win, Well...I'll see in a week. Hope I didn't just blow $867.24
  • just saw your post and it reads almost exactly like mine. I guess Samsung sold at least 2 note 5s!
  • Damn. I don't think that's enough for them to make a note 6 lol.
    I do kinda agree with everyone else. I would love for the new note to shoot lasers and make me coffee, but even though it doesn't... I'll be okay. In fact I'll still probably still like it more than my note 3.
  • "And when my battery goes flat in this device...I'll send it in to have it replaced." You realized you just summed up a big reason that a lot of people don't like this device.  You're really ok with the idea of having to be without a phone for a few days and paying $100+ for what should have cost $20 and taken 5 minutes?
  • LG G4 Pro! You done screwed up Samsung! Galaxy S2< Note 3< Note 4
  • I will gladly keep my Note 3. I was looking for a good reason to upgrade but honestly the Note 5 feels almost like a downgrade. I love the Note 3 and until something more revolutionary comes out I have no real incentives to switch. Let's wait for the Note 6.
  • Nope. I like my bigger and removable battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well I currently have a Note 3 and it has slowly been getting slower and slower over time. I was also a goober and cracked the screen recently. I have already put in a pre order for the note 5. I charge my phone every night and have yet to run out of battery. Even when I can see the battery getting worse over time it has still lasted me a full day. I work at a full time job during the day so I am not constantly living on my phone like some folks. I thought I would miss the extra storage. However, I checked my current phone, and I still have 18gb free of my current 32gb and I am barely using anything on my SD card. Now I am not a person to download movies and watch them on the phone. I am also not a big time gamer. My main apps are Worx for my work, Facebook, 1weather, appygeek, Kindle, audible, keeper and a couple of bank apps. This phone should be a big step up for me camera wise and processor wise. I am looking forward to the new phone. Oh yea looking forward to a fingerprint reader also. I do use the stylus to take notes and I would miss it if I got another non stylus phone.
  • Look at the brighter side of this announcement, the better (Removable 3200 battery + SD Card - Quick Charge - built-in Wireless charge but who cares) phone - Note 4 will be cheaper now. :)
  • Dedicated physical button on the front, and MicroUSB for charging?
    No thanks.
    Physical buttons are no more reliable than virtual 'shape' buttons,
    and seriously manufacturers (if you're listening) MOVE TO USB Type-C!
  • I thought I would hate the physical home button when I got my first Note (coming from HTC devices) but after a while you really get used to turning the phone on with that button.
  • I love my note 4.
    No SD and No "extra battery" makes the Note5 NOT desirable, even if it were free.
    I went from the Note2 to the note 4 and next MAY be the note 6?
  • I really like the look of the Note 5, I like the extra ram, and the new Pen function. You asking me to give up the IR blaster, SD card and the removable battery. I can't do it. I have the Note edge. Love it. Last year I was so fired up after there event. This year is the first year I'm asking what was that? The Note has always been more innovative than the galaxy series. It seems to me Samsung is wanting to create a delima with customers at a risk. NOTE 3 is probably done but they can sell both the 4 and 5. I'm thinking they will come back with a 4th quarter phone. The presentation was even dry this year.
    Why drop the IR blaster there's a reason. They could have changed the game with a 128g model and 256g. Did the modest features and increase battery life. I would have upgraded. I was itching to use my jump. I'll wait.
  • The Note 3 has BT LE, I'm pretty sure it had ANT+, and it has GLONASS. It has BT 3.0. It's battery was only 3200mAh, not 3220 (that's the Note 4). It has an IR Blaster. And the only reason I could see to care about upgrading is if you use the camera on your phone, a lot, for taking photos (the Note 3 is great for 1080p 30/60FPS video already). Otherwise, they're all marginal upgrades... Like everything else on the market. No SD Card. A battery Downgrade to shave off fractions of a millimeter. Unnecessarily high screen resolutions and talk about wireless radios that will never get anywhere close to close to the theoretical speeds on any mobile network in this hemisphere... Gimmicks like writing on the screen when it's off and crap like that. Ugh... Not impressed. I was hoping they'd have improved their software to a noticeable degree this go around (in terms of bloat, and service integration... not just changing the theme). Well, I guess I'll forget about this in a day or so... Interesting that this go around, I was completely clueless they even had an event. That's how little attention I've been paying to these things lately. Guess I'm a bit burnt out with/on the Android Flagship release treadmill.
  • Next year, Apple will 'invent' the sd card slot. Then Samsung will scramble to steal it. Seriously, no sd card slot. Not everybody has 100% network accessibility, or wants to pay the data plan costs, for files we own.
  • having a sd card slot means u can literally go to your friends house see something u like on his computer and throw it onto a micro sd card adapter. like Mp3s or. video drag and drop. it makes transfering all types of files from. one device to another device and or computer simple and easy. it's versatile. unlike the iPhone where the person needs iTunes! not getting the inote5.ill.keep my note u suck Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have a note 3 and was really looking forward to upgrading to the note 5. But the more I've researched, the more disappointed I've become. Like a few comments already posted on here, they made it an "iCrap" or "iNote5" instead of keeping the KEY features that separated it from iPhone. No battery + No SD card = NO Note 5. Hell, they didn't even upgrade the display from the note 4. If anything, I'll upgrade to the note 4 edge when the price drops... but probably just wait til the note 6 comes out. Hopefully Samsung will soon realize they f*cked up.
  • I now own the Note 4 but previously owned the Note 3. I have to say, I had less problems with my 3 than my 4. So I was really looking forward to the 5 to see if Samsung had stabled out their firmware. Then they drop this pile on us. What a big disappointment!
  • I am a FAITHFUL and fiercely loyal Note fan. The Note 3, my first Note was flawless all the way up to the day I sold it! My Note 4 has been even better! The Note 3 and 4 has so good for me that I have constantly bragged that as soon as the Note 5 shows up I will get one!
    However, nobody would have for seen that Samsung would change a WINNING FORMULA of a removable battery and sd card support!
    At this point, I am so much against that change, I would NOT ACCEPT a Note 5 even if they gave me one for free!
    Everyday my trusty Note 4 is with me, carrying a spare fully charged battery and sporting a 128 gb sd card, crammed with, music, videos ,pictures and apps that supports moving to sd card!
    Nope, will stay with my Note 4, and might jump the Samsung ship if another company makes a Note 5 64 bit equvilant with a removable battery and sd card support!
  • I could honestly deal without the SD card. I regularly remove things I don't need and actually don't even use up the 32GB in my Note 3. However, the non removable battery may just be the deal breaker. First, the 3200ma might last a day if I am not doing a lot, and this is a brand new battery that I had to buy only 1.5 years owning the Note. The previous battery had degraded to the point that it lasted just over an hour. Now, I'll have to buy a new phone at that point. I still have until Feb on my contract. This is absurd. Previous to finding this out, I would have selected either the Edge+ or Note 5, now all options are in play and I have to do tons more research. Thanks Samsung :(
  • Ifkr. This is insane, killing my brain power trying to figure out which phone will disappoint me "less"
  • specs are wrong for note 4 and 3 in the sd depatment. it's upto whatever you stick in there. at release 64 was the biggest on the market. i have a 128 in my note edge.
  • I was anxiously anticipating the unveiling of the Note 5. I might as well go to the iphone 6plus. i'm very disappointed and now weighing my options...... they raced to market to unveil and iphone wantabe... shame
  • I got my Note 5 on 8/17/15. I had a Note 3 ,which was a pretty good phone until I upgraded it to 5.0. I had a bunch of problems with it then. I bypassed the Note 4 to get the Note 5 and I love it. I will have to figure it out as I go along. But all in all, I think the Note 5 will be a great phone.
  • No as card or removable battery kills it for me. I may upgrade to a not 4 since I but my phone's outright but no Note 5. I will start shopping other brands. :( Posted via Android Central App from Samsung Note 3 or Surface Pro 3
  • This is just ridiculous. Despite the fact they fked up by not having storage expansion, they only sell the 32GB variant in Hong Kong, not even the 64GB version. This is just pure insanity, wake up Samsung. I am owning the slowly dying Note 3 right now and I don't know which path I should take now. Thank you Samsung
  • I own a Note 4 Developer edition; and plan on keeping it. Samsung just replaced the LCD due to burn-in and upgraded the OS and bootloader - no reason to switch. They are smokin something at corporate, but not sure what - cause the decisions being made are shooting themselves in the foot. And to top it off, no 128GB variant - WTF; Samsung coming out with the Note 5, in my opinion, is like Microsoft coming out with Windows 8 - and we know how that went. All dressed up, and nothing to show for it. If Samsung thinks they can force people to the cloud, well, ok; Uh, NO!!!
  • i dont care much about the removeable battery or the memory expansion options
    i have the note 3 and its time for a upgrade
    i will be upgrading to either this phone or the s6 edge+ with in the next month or two
    with the program i am attempting to do the note 5 would be absolutely perfect
    now if only they had an upgrade for the note tab 10.1 2014 ed ill be extactic i will never go back to apple or any other phone samsung is the best phone ive had and i plan to stick to the note catagory phone samsung is 1000 times better then apple and 10000000 times better then windows phones will ever be
    if i had my choice i would have a samsung laptop aswell
    just havent had the time or money to get one yet
  • Based on what I read, I am not impressed with the note 5. Please go back to expanded memory and removable back. I was all charged up and ready to upgrade to the 5 but will continue to use my note 3 until the note 6 comes out. Samsung u laid an egg this time. Please correct before the iPhone passes u by
  • I have a zerolemon 10000mah battery case on my note 3. 64gig sd in it. Was looking forward to upgrade my phone to a note 5 this boxing day when my two year contracts up. Guess now I gotta wait a year since the note 5 is a useless piece of shit. Fail 2 out of the 3 reasons i have a note. Giant screen being the main reason. Kinda messed that up too. Maybe the note 6 will be worth buying if Samsung trims some of the fat who was on the note 5 project and brings back the note 3 design crew. 10k mah batteries all around ;)
  • Also. You might as well add an inch to the note 6 screen when it comes out since the note 5 is a disgraceful embarrassment to your company.
  • Why would you take away the option for an sd card? Why??? And what's up with the non removable battery?
  • Samsung declines to comment.
  • I play ZERO games (I'm an adult), may send 5-10 texts a day, don't have Facebook app nor Twitter because 1) both are energy vampires for you emotionally 2) especially with FB, they're battery vampires. About three months ago I went through my apps with one thought in mind. 'If you ain't been used in a month good bye, I may see soon but I may not.'. Guess what? NO MORE BATTERY ISSUES! Also I'm not addicted to staring at the damned incessantly, hell I leave it at home ON PURPOSE as often as possible and NEVER take it into restaurants, movies etc. unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. And I'm not bragging nor passing judgement on people who depend on their device (well the game comment was pure snark) just setting the stage for my question from you seasoned phone folks. How much time can I expect from this phone? It seems the manufacturers seem to have their way of slowly diminishing performance with updates to the point of failure. The reception (Verizon, one million metro area) sucks compared to my wife's S3 and the camera is laughable but overall for business and it's ease of use I love the thing. ALL my gear is kept in excellent condition so wear and tear isn't an issue. I love Samsung but HATE and that they have a 'better' model out every year as opposed to the way Apple does it. I understand Samsung builds multiple mobile devices but they could make their elite pieces more so with a two year cycle in my opinion. Thanks! Any and old advice will be greatly appreciated!!!!
  • Got my Note 3 in Feb. 14'. Sprint. Up for 2yr pricing 2/2016. Only issue is the S-View cover that fell apart. Now have the Otter-Commuter. My Note 3 slowed down a little after the Lolipop rollout, and battery decreased a little. But there was another device update soonafter and it went back to full speed and long battery. I don't really know that there is a reason to upgrade. I've yet to have any issue with any game or app I've thrown at it. It doesn't have a 4k screen, ok maybe in 2020 we can talk, if 4k becomes mainstream by then. I love taking my GoPro card and sticking it in my phone to review my 1080p videos. Suck it Note 5. My battery life is still insane. I have not one complaint about my phone. You want to talk about pixel density? Dude my eyes don't work that well. Neither do yours. Ok, you got me, apps load a quarter second faster. P.S. I set a Note 5 side by side and played a youtube video. Set to 4k for the 5. My colors were better on my Note 3 and 4k on the 5 had lag and was jumping. I love my Note 3.
  • I just got a Note 3 last month, my first high-end smartphone. Previously, I owned a Tracfone phone, which had very low ppi, 8GB of space, and a slow processor. Now I am extremely satisfied to own something as nice and pretty as the Note 3. For my uses, it is buttery smooth and fast. There's no lag when I launch apps, switch home screens, or play games. The screen looks so sharp that I can't imagine needing a higher screen resolution than this. I don't care about VR, and I only watch 1080p videos anyway. With a case on, it looks nearly identical to the Note 4, so the "plastic back" means nothing to me. The Note 3 also has a few perks over the Note 4 (thinner, lighter, speakers at the bottom) and Note 5 (SD card, removable battery). The newer phones don't have enough new features that would make me want to spend $200-$300 more on. With Nova Launcher, customized icons, and a slim tpu case on, my Note 3 looks just as good as any new phone to me. It will be a long time before I ever consider upgrading.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 N920 32GB Black Factory Unlocked GSM
    Display: 5.7 inches 1440 x 2560 pixels (~518 ppi pixel density)
    OS: Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop)
    Internal Memory: 32GB, 4 GB RAM
    Camera: 16 MP, 5312 x 2988 pixels.
    Video: 2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps
  • Ditto - I'm due for upgrade Feb '16, but to be honest, I'm struggling to find a replacement...The table above shows the Note 3 doesn't have NFC, hmm, then how come mine does....oh well. Either way, I've read quite a few reviews of the Notes 3 - 5, and still think that if I was to "upgrade" it would be to the Note 4. But, given the Note 4 isn't really new anymore, would it really be an upgrade? Meh, I agree - Samsung have let themselves down on not at least providing an SD card slot on the new beast, that at least would compensate (albeit a small amount) for having the smaller locked in battery. Nope, sorry Samsung, I still like you and my Note 3 too much to upgrade to the Note 5 - see you on the next model.
  • Note 5 is a terrible phone. It takes forever to charge. 20 minutes to get to 1% on a car charger . Once you get to 1% then it takes about 21/2 hours to chage fully. The note 3 charged really fast. Only took 3 seconds to get to 1% on car charger and house charger.
    Note 5. No one should but it. Worst phone ever. Note 5 phone sucks bigtime. Worst phone ever.
  • Never buying another SG Note until they go back to including a micro SD and user replaceable battery. I'v had every Note, so this really disappointing. I will hold onto my SG Note 4 as long as possible & then if need be, switch to a different phablet with a micro SD & replaceable battery!!
  • The made the phone too narrow, and they took the IR "infra Red " Blaster out.
    Who wants a narrower phone. you can't read the words as well.
    And a smaller battery.
    But the price of the phone went up with everything they took out.
  • Your are not gonna believe this.
    I went to Best Buy and the OL got some help with her S5 Samsung. I talked to the Huawei phone guy.
    I wasn't too overly impressed.
    Walked back to the Samsung dude. He was on a note 5. Said the note 5 looks a lot better than the Huawei phone.
    I hate it lost the IR blaster for the phone.
    He said you download the app Peel.
    He downloaded the app & went to a TV gonna made the Note 5 work.
    It wouldn't work. I said they took put the IR blaster buddy.
    He said he wasn't even aware of it is said remind them were not buying phones because they took their trademarks away from us.
  • I still own a note 3. After reading the comments and experiencing some hands on usage with the 5, I'm either going to stick with the 3 or purchase the 4. However, I wanted to know from those who have had both the 3 and 4 if the 4 is worth the purchase. Comments please!
  • Junette, I'd stick with the 3, or upgrade - I've still got mine and I've now upgraded to a Nexus 6P so the Note is now my backup and small gaming device...I think it's still comparable to the 4 and with the latest OS update it's still running smooth. I checked the specs of the 4 but still satisfied with the 3. But that's just my opinion. If you're a real performance demon then I don't think you'd be considering the 4 really. It's not available from Australian carriers anymore esp since all the new flagship phones are out there doin there thang! lol.
  • Thanks Tim! My 3 has become a little laggy. Do you know how I can fix this? And I know what you mean! I can barely find a note 4 to purchase these days. Im afraid to purchase an unlocked one from amazon because I've read some comments saying what they received was a clone.
  • You could do a factory reset but make sure you save your data first. - if you have a big enough so card you can backup to jt. There are lots of simple guides on the net about how to do this. Next I'd check to see if you're running Lollipop 5.0 as this is the current version of Android for the Note 3. If you're feeling really geek you can clear the cache partition as well... Google will give a how to on this..
  • Well i agree to all the people who are fans of note 3 after my s3 I became a ardent fan of samsung and then note 3 came in my life I am a blogger by passion ,I love writing and this is my 24/7 pal handy and so I.T best now till some years this will be my pal and then some next great launch of samsung I m waiting!!!!!!!
  • I went to Best Buy today. Got the S7 edge . Couldn't wait on the note 6.
    Do far it rocks.
    Man its fast. The edge has a 3600 ah battery too.
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  • I know it's kind of an old topic but ran across this Forum and thought I'd chime in.
    When the Note 4 came out I really, REALLY wanted it. But, no matter how many times I walked into the phone store and drooled, I couldn't justify the price. So I found a nearly-new Note 3 on eBay and bought it. That was a couple of years ago and, since, I have had ZERO problems/complaints.
    The update some time ago (Verizon) from KitKat to Lollipop resulted in ZERO issues.
    Perhaps the techie-type who have money to burn "need" the latest and greatest smartphone. I'm not and I don't. Then again, I'm still on Win7 and have no desire to upgrade to Win10. (I loved WinXP and wish I could use it forever!) Old school.
    I plan to keep, use, and love my Note 3 for as long as it keeps purring like a well-tuned engine.