Nova Launcher, one of the most popular third-party Android launchers on the Google Play Store, is getting a boatload of new features today as part of the latest beta update. Version 6.0 is rolling out now to everyone that's enrolled in the Nova Launcher beta, and once you grab the new software, you'll have a lot to check out.

First off, v6.0 finally adds a search bar for your Nova Settings so that you can find a specific setting or toggle much faster than before. On a related note, your home screen search bar can now be configured to search Google or Nova Settings.

Nova's also added a ton of new customization tools for your folders. Users can now configure folders to open in a windowed or immersive mode, match their shape to the adaptive icon style that's being used, and add vertical or horizontal scrolling to them.

Other goodies include more shapes for adaptive icons, no longer needing Nova Prime to resize icons, and an option to automatically match the folder and app drawer icon size to the one being used on your desktop / home screen.

Anyone that's already signed up for the Nova beta should be receiving an update in the Play Store now for v6.0, and if you're still running the stable version, you can easily get enrolled right here.

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