The hype around the Nothing phone (1) seems to be working

Nothing phone (1) teaser
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What you need to know

  • Nothing is preparing to launch its first smartphone this summer.
  • We asked our readers if they were interested in the Nothing phone (1) despite what little information we have on the phone.
  • Of the votes, 46% indicated that they were definitely interested, while 35% said there is some interest, but they would like to learn more.

The Nothing phone (1) is coming. We're not too surprised that Carl Pei's new company is venturing into smartphones, but it'll be interesting to see what Nothing comes up with. But while our knowledge of the device amounts to nothing, there seems to be quite a bit of excitement around the upcoming launch.

This week, we asked our readers if they were excited about the Nothing phone (1). Of more than 2100 votes, 46% said they were definitely interested in the device, showing that the hype around the phone seems to be working. Furthermore, 35% indicate some interest, but they would like to learn more about the phone. Given what little we know and how Nothing is inserting itself into a pretty full market, it makes sense to be cautiously optimistic.

Nothing phone (1) poll responses

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One reader on Twitter comments that he would be interested in the Nothing phone (1) if it met certain qualifications:

"No notch, sd card, and headphone jack would get me excited. Would rather AOSP than a custom OS. Removable battery since i'm just dreaming here"

Other commenters have expressed interest in these features as well. Given some of the sacrifices that have been made in some of the best Android phones, it's no surprise to see that there's hope for some of these features like microSD card support to make a comeback.

One reader on Facebook was a little less optimistic about the device, seeming skeptical about Pei's challenge to challenge Apple with an "open ecosystem" of devices:

"I'll be interested in an Android again when it comes with an ecosystem that rivals Apple. Until then, just another phone. Same old same old."

We still have a few months before we get any official information about the Nothing phone (1), although a preview of the Nothing OS will be available this month, which will give us a taste of what to expect. Let's just hope Nothing lives up to the hype and gives us something interesting this summer.

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