Nexus S listed as 'in stock' at Carphone Warehouse

By now we're all aware of how the Nexus S is going to be sold.  Come Dec. 16, buy it online or on-site at Best Buy in the U.S., or at Carphone Warehouse across the pond in Europe.  Looks like someone at Carphone Warehouse didn't read the news, as the Nexus S is listed as in stock and ready for ordering at their website.  Maybe you folks in Europe have to pay about 50 percent more, but it looks like you may be able to get it a day early.  Or this could just be a slip-up, which Lord knows we see enough of around here. too.  Either way, if you end up ordering one of these, let us know what happens! [Carphone Warehouse via Engadget]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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