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Nexus One confirmed to only be sold online, (and to feature HTC Sense?)

Far be it from us to say we told you so, but, well, we told you so. Here's confirmation, plain and simple, that the Google Nexus One on Verizon will not be sold in stores and instead will only be available at -- never mind that Verizon has the wrong link here. No great surprise, as that's been Google's plan for the device all along, same as with the T-Mobile version.

We're still trying to track down an actual date that Big Red's version will be available, so stay tuned.

Update: Curse our tired eyes, but sure enough this screen says it'll have the Sense user interface (read our review of the new version). Interesting ...

  • I'm kind of curious why it says sense UI..
  • why does it say Sense UI?
  • Wow so according to Verizon the Nexus One has Sense UI?!?!? Haha another typo......
  • Whoa. Good catch. Yeah, I wouldn't bet on seeing Sense on it. (But stranger things have happened.)
  • Sense this won't b a Version branded phone do you think Sprint will allow it on there network?
  • This is a great question - Voice/3G technology and frequency are the same for both, right? I don't know if it would be up to Sprint, maybe they can only activate phones that have ESNs registered with Sprint...
  • The technologies are the same. Technically they are capable of using the device..provided they add the ESN/MEID and you get their PRL. Good luck on that. Sprint and Verizon these days never allow an outside device onto their network. They want to sell you the phone, not have you bring a diff. carriers device.
  • that just has to be one HARD hell of a way to distribute a phone...not saying its a bad way...just that its hard to get numbers high.
  • But do you think they'll still have demo models in stores? I don't think T-Mo does though.
  • Has to be a typo. Google is only selling "Google Experience" phones on their site. Not ones with altered UIs.
  • They are probably getting the Nexus One and the Incredible mixed up
  • Great Day in the morning. This is insane. Cannot wait until March 23 to check this out
  • If Google wants to up the numbers, they'll throw this bad boy in a Verizon store for demo purposes. They can even have a kiosk that would allow the user to order the phone online while in the store after playing with it.
  • This. I said this before, and glad someone else thinks so. Even if each store has to purchase one from Google and build their own kiosk browser, this would sell phones.
  • That better be a freaking typo! I do not want Sense UI and Google better not have made me wait this long just to pull the rug out from under me as I'm not buying it if it has Sense UI!
  • I agree id be pissed if this had sense UI on it, hate it!
  • *DELETE*
  • That screen cap also says it has the QSD8250 chipset, which is GSM, not CDMA. Something's off here.
  • Or something is great here, like it being both CDMA and GSM capable. Which is what I'm hoping/waiting for because if that isn't the case... My Verizon contract ends in a month and I will be switching to T-Mobile.
  • The Sense UI thing has to be a typo, but unfortunately the selling online only isn't. I'd be shocked to even see a kiosk with a demo phone. They've got a great piece of technology on the biggest/best 3G covered network in the US ready to unleash but they're gunna let it trickle out this way and limit themselves. I'm sure it'll sell well but it could do better if they got this phone in front of the average consumer at a store. iphone is available for anybody who might want to try it and could lead to impulse purchases. N1 is only available for those who know to seek it out online.
  • I bet they sell more Incredibles than N1's just because the Incredibles will be sold in the stores...
  • That's my thinking with why there should be at the very least a kiosk with a demo phone in stores. A lot of purchases are impulse buys and this could certainly help boost sales for a phone that is certainly capable but yet many don't know about it nor want to take a chance on a phone they have no clue looks like or feels in hand. If anything, at least put a dummy phone that doesn't work like some Best Buy's do. People will get at least an idea of what the phone looks like. They made not need to see what Android does per say as it's software that's on other phones but a dummy version would at least increase the interest in the phone.
  • That's why nexus one sux in sales. Moto Droid rules
  • Nice find! Now can you tell me if google will let me upgrade on the VZW family plan? :)
  • Anything on pricing? I was holding off on a droid or a droid eris to see what was happening with the N1. Since I don't want to pay >100 for a phone, I belive the fact that I need to purchase this from Google, rules the N1 out for me. With my $100 upgrade credit at Verizon, I can get the droid for $100 or the eris for free. If Nexus is only from Google, I assume I will have to pay either $180 or $280. Most likely $280 as I am an existing Verizon customer.
  • Anybody else think its interesting that there is no picture available?
  • The QSD8250 has NO CDMA ABILITY WHATSOEVER. It will NOT work on Verizon. And, FYI, Verizon's world phones are NOT enabled to use GSM in the US, only outside this country.
  • The GSM doesnt mean it wont work on verizon this could be a new world phone for verizon remember the storm2 is GSM and its on verizon. but giving the N1 since UI is like shitting in my hand and charging me for it
  • The QSD8250 has NO CDMA ABILITY WHATSOEVER. It will NOT work on Verizon. And, FYI, Verizon's world phones are NOT enabled to use GSM in the US, only outside this country.
  • Obviously you have never had a Verizon world phone. They do work GSM, and this phone will have greater potential if its dual...
  • pay the $530, in the end its cheaper anyway....and your not bound to verizon's vice grips
  • If you don't like sense UI, just disable it. But the swiping isn't as smooth, you lose all the HTC widgets and you only get 3 home screens. Settings>Applications>HTC Sense>Clear Defaults (NOT DATA)>press home button>select "Home" (default if you want it to stay that way, if you don't choose default, it will ask every time you return to the home screen). to reverse:
    Settings>Applications>Home>Clear Defaults>press home button>select "HTC Sense" (if you didn't delete your data earlier, you will stil have all of your icons and widgets and everything.
  • Sense UI might make me not get this phone. I've been waiting for the Nexus One to come to Verizon and I actually got to play with one last night. But if this thing has Sense UI on it I might now get it at all. I hate Sense UI and had nothing but problems with it on my Droid Eris. It doesn't matter what phone Sense UI is on it sucks and it slows down your phone with all that extra crap that you don't need.
  • I'm still not clear on how this would work. If you are an existing customer and eligible for an upgrade and a discount from Verizon, how do you order the phone? How does it work for T-Mobile?
  • The way it works for T-mobile is users have to buy the phone from Google and then activate it with T-Mobile. New customers pay $180
    Existing(upgrading) customers pay $280
    Or you can buy the phone outright (no contract) $530
  • I need this to be on verizon soon the storm is just pathetic and I need a phone that will actually work when I need it to
  • I was considering the Verizon Nexus1 but the HTC Incredible looks better.
  • The Incredible seems to have better specs too, (rumored) 1gb of RAM vs. 512MB on the Nexus, the overrated Snapdragon that will do 1GHZ but goes up and down like every other Android phone.
  • No, the Incredible has 512 and an underclocked 786 Snapdragon.
  • Question for everyone... I read that HTC Sense UI is now NOT on the N1, but would you or wouldn't you want Sense UI on it? What's the pros/cons to having it?
  • I like this. Will be getting one soon
  • It's March 23rd.
  • ITS MARCH 23