Nexus 9 teardown

The latest gadget to go through iFixit's labs is HTC's Nexus 9, which incidentally went on sale yesterday. The crew found during disassembly that while the tablet featured a back cover that is easily removable, the internal components were hard to access, which earned the device a reparability score of 3 out of 10.

The rear cover was found to come off easily, but the camera sensor at the back fit snugly into its cubicle, which meant that applying too much pressure would lead to disconnecting the camera connector from the motherboard. The connector itself was found to be attached to the underside of the board, which would require a complete disassembly to access.

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The LCD was also difficult to remove, with iFixit stating that it was "some of the toughest adhesive we've ever encountered in a tablet—on par with, though in lesser quantity than, the infamous Surface Pro." The layout of the hardware seems to be made up of a lot of tiny boards, like the ones used behind the front speaker assembly, which incidentally turned out to contain low-volume earpiece speakers.

Do you guys have any concerns about the low reparability of the Nexus 9? Or are you okay with making the tradeoff considering the design of the tablet?

Source: iFixit