Nexus 7 sequel pricing leaks - 16GB for $229, 32GB for $269

While we still can't say for sure when the Nexus 7 refresh will be available, we now have a pretty good idea what it will cost. In this leaked inventory screen, we see listings for both the 16GB version, priced at $229, and the 32GB version, checking in at $269. Those prices aren't bad at all, as the rumored specs for these show a Snapdragon 600 processor, 5MP camera, and possibly a 1080p display.

Both models are simply listed as quad-core, so there is no new information on that front. We also see that zero units of either size are in inventory at this particular ninja's location right now.

With retail locations getting ready for inventory of the new Nexus 7, the wait can't be very much longer. That's a good thing, because we're getting excited for some new Nexus gear, and possibly the launch of Android 4.3 to go with it.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • They should just release a 16GB only with an SD slot. I have to believe the minimal cost of an SD slot would outweigh the cost of an additional SKU with 32GB memory. But, whatevs. These prices are good if the specs are indeed an improvement. It is hard to say with Google whether they will be better though.
  • It's a Nexus device. No SD slot. Via a cool AC App on a great Nexus 4
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but SD card slots have to be licensed right? If so, that explains why Google has moved away from them and can keep prices low.
  • yup but not the slot but the data format, worst, they have to pay MS $10-15 for licensing. No SD card also make the file storage simple. suck on it MS
  • Why not put in an SD slot, but no FAT32 support - and no licensing charges. Provide a downloadable app to add ext3 support to Windows and Mac systems and software in Android to format an SD card as ext3. If people aren't willing to go to the effort to set this up, then they can't use an SD card - they're no worse off than they are now.
  • Sorry but that is retarded. How would they market that to the masses? Introducing our first Nexus tablet with expandable storage! All you have to do is download our ext3 extension, and ohh wait you have stuff on your SD card already. Okay, move it onto your computer, then format the card, then move the files back onto the card and then just insert it into the device and start up the ext3 app. And you're on your way! Simple as 1, 2, 345678910..
  • Actually, Android is Linux.... So they could, indeed, include SD support and simply use a real filesystem on the card- like EXT2/3/4 which would require no licensing at all. Plus it would be far more robust and perform better too. But don't hold your breath. And I think it is disappointing that Google, again, is coming out with yet another low-storage device like this. 32GB should just be standard with 64GB as an option. It is mid 2013, not 2011...
  • Nothing to do with that at all (look at all the dirt cheap Android tablets that have SD slots) - it's about forcing people into using their cloud service and making people pay more for a different model with larger onboard storage. No micro SD slot equals more control and more money for Google and Apple.
  • You'll never see an official Nexus device with an SD card slot. Google does not like them. It's like asking for Porsche to put a Caddy's suspension on a 911.
  • And Google is out of touch with reality where most people DON'T have internet for a WiFi tablet a large portion of the time. My Nexus 7 was replaced by a Hisense Sero 7 Pro because it has HDMI and SD. 64 Gb of SD space I have less than 7 Gb free on.
  • Wise Choice on the Hisense Pro.. I forgot about that Tablet! Unless the New-7 has 1080P and has a 600 Snapdragon for it's heart, I am going to snatch up one of those Hisense Tablets for like what? 149.00 bucks? and they are faster & smoother than the current Nexus-7?.. Let's see what rises out of the ashes.
  • I truly don't believe that the vast majority of users use the storage they have as is. The advantage with Android is you can pick something else if you need to have an SD card slot.
  • If the Caddy's suspension is good enough for Ferrari should be for Porsche. Ferrari
    bought the license for their magnetic shocks.
  • The Cadillacs use a modified version of the magnetic shocks.. tuned for comfort and cushioning. The original magnetic fluid shocks were tuned for track/race performance for the C4 Corvette. My mother's Buick Roadmaster has them too, Buick called it 'Dynaride'. Ferrari uses the technology but in a very different manner. The dampers on their cars use a computer controlled version of the magnetic fluid dampers to adjust stiffness and bump/rebound to allow for street and track style performance from the same dampers.
  • Just having a little fun, but my point is Ferrari borrowed the tech from Cadillac
    and tweaked to their liking. You can also adjust on the new Caddies, like the v-series.
  • Seriously? Do people still believe cost is the reason Google excludes mSD slots on their Nexus devices? /facepalm
  • At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. Nexus devices will never have SD slots. I'm not sure why the "issue" keeps being brought up. Posted via Android Central App
  • Agreed. We needed them during the OG Droid days when you had 256 MB of storage, few music streaming options, and no native Google Docs support. Uploading to Play Music, Google+ photos, and Drive is the way to go. And once you have a micro SD card with a ton of stuff on it brick, you never quite trust those things again. Believe me.
  • Amen. When you have a 32 GB SD full of your precious pictures and videos go bad on you, you want something more reliable. This seems to happen far too frequently. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not as frequent as when I'm on a flight and would have loved to watch a movie, but couldn't fit it on my tablet. Because people don't use something to backup data on an SD card doesn't mean it is not useful.
  • This guy definitely has a point, I mean it's not an issue for everyone but I have on multiple occasions wished I had more storage space on a device, but couldn't because it was full or too close to full.
  • You mean you couldn't fit it on your table because it has forty other movies on it? Watch one of them or delete one in advance and put a new one on? Use USB OTG? C'mon. This arguement tends to come from people who've never owned a non removable storage device and are resistant to change. That's fine, there's non-Nexus devices out there for you...
  • What movie fills up 32GB of space? Posted via Android Central App
  • The cloud is only as good as the network, or lack of network you have at the moment. Yes the SD card is slow and has been unreliable sometimes (I am still using the card from my fascinate with a 64GB card for trips). Having a card is one less thing to worry about (having a network connection where your going, space issues, etc) If you are not backing everything up to some kind of cloud (drive, dropbox) then you deserve what you get. all equipment eventually fails, even internal storage. Then there is the issue of data caps. If you are lucky enough to not have one then fine, but ATT and VZW are doing all they can to get rid of everyone on their network that is grandfathered. What is the status of those people with grandfathered plans under the new upgrade plans?
  • You're still rocking a Fascinate, you sir need a hug.. and an award.
  • It keeps coming up because Nexus is still the best 7" Android tablet you can get, with 98% of the others being garbage. So would be nice to have an SD card slot on this one :P
  • Get over it. Posted via Android Central App
  • USB OTG has made the lack of a card slot a non-issue, for me at least... I really don't need the extra storage on a daily basis, and when I travel or need to access something from another system it's just as convenient to use an OTG cable as to fiddle around with the card (more so in some cases, I can access flash drives and even use a USB 3.0 drive which is much quicker to transfer stuff to if I'm bringing media over from a PC etc). Hopefully the new 7 sees the light of day soon, I've got money burning a hole in my pocket for it, I really really want a smaller tablet than my OG Transformer. I'll miss the keyboard dock when traveling but I rarely use it otherwise.
  • Take my money!!! are you talking about? LOL.
  • Agreed but it's just not gonna happen. Someone at Google must have broke a nail taking one out once and they've been forever removed.
    I think the zero inventory party is just Google being Google. :-P Posted via Android Central App
  • What are you talking about? Posted via Android Central App
  • And hopefully the next nexus phone will be available in a 32GB version or more.
    I don't care much for the price as most people here in the middle east purchase unlocked devices for $600+
  • I agree. The next Nexus phone should definitely have a 32GB option, and I'm sure it will. I mean it will be almost 2014 by the time the Nexus 5 (or whatever they'll call it) comes out. I don't see them adding an 8GB version, even though they did for the Nexus 4. I think it will be 16GB/32GB. Just like the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7.
  • Still waiting on a successor to the Nexus 4. No LTE is the only thing keeping me from getting it.
  • If you're using T-mobile you can activate the dormant LTE radio in the N4 pretty simple. I believe Android Central posted an article about it the other day actually..
  • Wow...
    Yet another reason to just LOVE T-Mobile!
    They've really come up in the cellular universe..
    And at this pace... They are just about ready to take command...
  • If the past few Nexus phones are any indication, you'll be waiting until November at the earliest. If you need a new phone now with LTE but crave stock Android, you're better off picking up either Google edition of the S4 or the HTC One.
  • I really hope there's an LTE option.
  • It's unlikely. Google wants to keep things open. LTE is not open. Ergo, no LTE.
  • LTE is open, Google bid Verizon high enough for this to happen. However CDMA is not open, and at the time, Google decided to skip LTE/CDMA combo for HSPA/GSM because Verizon ruined the Nexus experience.
  • Sorry, but that is not correct. CDMA is no less "open" than GSM. Now, the way the two big CARRIERS in the USA IMPLEMENT it (Verizon & Sprint) might be less "open", however.
  • For months, I've had money stashed away specifically to buy the Nexus 7 refresh. I'll be a day 1 purchaser for sure!
  • Can't wait for this to hit soon... Buying one since I already gave my N7 to my gf... I miss it lol Posted via Android Central App
  • My only question here is which model? Are these the LTE models or the Wifi models? It seems these might even differ in the processor they have as there has been conflicting reports between an S4 and a 600.
  • any reason why there are 2 of each one? is this typical or can we also expect a color option? really excited to see this though. even though I love my nexus 7 and its running like a champ, i am always in for a refresh. should be awesome though.
  • I'm thinking that column that is cut off that you can't see the whole thing could be the availability date being that starts with an 8 and then there's a 3 visible. Could it mean August 30th? Posted via the totally awesome Android Central App
  • +1
  • not a bad guess. I hope we wouldnt have to to wait until the end of August, though.
  • The leakers have been saying before the end of July.
    Of course that might just be the announcement and not actual availability.
  • Kind of bummed out I haven't seen any hints of the Nexus 7 or 10 coming in 64GB flavors.
  • It is mine!
  • Probably will stick with my OG Nexus 7 for a while longer. But hoping the 2 has 2gb ram and a better screen, specifically color accuracy.Those are my only minor complaints with the current model. Posted via Android Central App
  • Front Facing Speakers or /pass.
  • OMG! too many good things coming out. I'm gonna end up broke as hell =/
  • "I'm gonna end up broke as hell =/" You were WARNED about the future.. About how Incredible it was going to be Technologically.. You should have starting saving sooner and in larger amounts.. :-) If you think this Tech is sharp.. wait until you see what is on tap for the year 2014...
  • Let me know when the Nexus 10 v2 tablet is released. My wife has the original Nexus 7, but I would like something a little bigger.
  • I assume this is US pricing? Can't wait to lay my hands on one of these bad boys... :-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Would I be able to take the Sim card out of my RAZR MAXX HD and use it in the LTE N7, or have they fixed that since the ZOOM?
  • If the specs old out is true I will be buying one! Quad with 2gigs of RAM + HD screen? Yes please!
    WAIT I'M NOT DONE.....ONLY QUAD CORE?!? I PLAN ON INSTALLING WINDOWS 8 AND PLAY MINESWEEPER!!! I WAS EXPECTING OCTO CORE AND NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 780!!!!!!! UGH SO DISAPPOINTED! I'M NOT BUYING! hehe Just kidding looks good! definitely buying one. Although I'm quite surprised a certain group of people haven't asked for replaceable batteries on tablets lol
  • My seven broke and I've been waiting. So pumped! Posted via Android Central App
  • I would gladly pay for the 32GB at that price still way better choice than other tablets mayb not top of the line but for the price and being a nexus and the fact that the current nexus 7 is so good i cant ask for a better summer present to myself
  • Hopefully their warranty will cover everything since their track record with screen cracking happened to many users. I'm worried about that. This tablet sounds promising, but that screen cracking...