Nexus 6

Plenty of us have had our Nexus 6 for about a year and a half. People are still buying it, but October 2014 seems like it was a long time ago. So, how is the battery holding up?

One of the things we (you, me and everyone on the internet) hear a lot is that a phone with a non-replaceable battery won't last very long. Slowly but surely your battery capacity will diminish and finally stop charging. Charging cycles, electrical ions and all sorts of other things are provided as evidence that unless you can swap your phone's battery, you'll regret it soon. There's certainly some truth in these conversations, but are things blown out of proportion? It's impossible to sort fact from fiction on the Internet.

We can't validate opinions on either side, but we can ask the people who have been using a big phone with a big battery for a long time how things are going. So tell us!

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