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What you need to know

  • OtterBox, Disney and Amazon have collaborated for a new Echo Dot stand shaped like The Child from The Mandalorian.
  • This new entry in OtterBox's Den Series will fit all Echo Dot 3rd Gen models, including the Echo Dot with Clock.
  • The non-slip stand is child-friendly — pun intended — and will release on August 20 for $25, but you can pre-order it now.

I've long been a fan of the OtterBox Den Series since it first debuted with a Mickey Mouse-shaped Google Nest Mini stand a few years ago. It's adorable and it elevates the smart speaker, allowing for better sound direction and protecting it from spills while it's perched on a kitchen counter or next to your nightstand water glass. (Hey, I can't be the only one who knocks theirs over when reaching for a drink first thing in the morning.)

OtterBox Den Series The Child Echo Dot Stand Render AngleSource: OtterBox

The Mickey Mouse version was only available for the Google Home Mini, but now Amazon Echo Dot users can get in on the fun with an even cooler stand that draws inspiration from Emmy-nominated The Mandalorian: an Echo Dot (3rd Gen) stand shaped like The Child! This stand only works with the 3rd Gen models — sorry Gen 1/2 owners — but it does work with all 3rd Gen models, in fact it's the perfect pair for the Echo Dot With Clock as it shows the clock perfectly while elevating it so the time shows more clearly over all the clutter on your desk.

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The stand is designed to meet child safety standards — although I'm not sure how it handles manipulations by a Force-sensitive toddler — and is non-slip so that the speaker shouldn't slip or slide around your desk. It'll be publicly released on August 20, but it's available for pre-order right now for $25.

The is the way

OtterBox Den Series The Child Echo Dot Stand

OtterBox The Child Stand for Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Such a small bounty for just a joyous package.

This stand will work with all variants of the Echo Dot 3rd Gen — including the Kids Edition and the Echo Dot with Clock, with the clock fully on display — and add some protection to the fabric sides while better directing the audio and elevating the Dot to keep it safe from spills on a nightstand or kitchen counter.

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