New Moto G model pops up sporting LTE and larger battery

It looks like Motorola may have more in store for its lower end offering — in Brazil at least. According to the company's Brazilian page, a newer model of the 2nd generation Moto G could be on the horizon. This model packs LTE connectivity along with a slightly bigger battery.

There's no telling when this particular model will make its appearance, but it looks as if the LTE model will be packing a 2390mAh battery — slightly larger than the original's 2070mAh offering.

We were already pretty darn impressed with Motorola's budget alternative to the Moto X, but this bump in specs is sure to make an already great device even better. However, it is important to note that there is no confirmation of this particular model coming to other markets; this could simply be a Brazilian exclusive. In addition, this move shouldn't seem too surprising as the company released an LTE capable version of the first generation Moto G as well.

Source: Motorola; via Android Police

Dan Thorp-Lancaster