After a handful of rumors pointing to a "Lite" or "Mini" version of the LG G6 launching, LG has announced the new device as the LG Q6. The whole goal of the Q6 is to offer many of the design traits and features of the G6 at a lower price, hoping to capitalize on what has clearly been a successful flagship launch for LG.


The LG Q6 offers the same style of "FullVision" 18:9 display as the G6 with small bezels to carry on the flagship phone's looks. It's slightly smaller at 5.5-inches diagonally and has bumped down to 2160x1080 resolution — an expected drop for a phone landing beneath the LG G6. The metal frame is still made out of 7000 series aluminum to be particularly robust and LG says it's still subjected to "demanding" battery tests.

Capitalizing on the G6's style while cutting back on the specs.

Internally, things are run by a Snapdragon 435 processor, and there's a 3000mAh battery to coincide with its smaller overall size. The overall capabilities expectedly take a step back as well, with the Wi-Fi maxing out at 802.11 n and the Bluetooth at 4.2 — obviously considerable drops from the LG G6's specs. LG moved to a single 13MP camera on the back, but left a 100-degree wide 5MP camera on the front. It also dropped a fingerprint sensor.

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But of course because we're talking about LG, the Q6 is actually a "family" of devices subdivided into the LG Q6+, Q6 and Q6α (that'd be "alpha" to you and me). Each one offers a different level of specs in the same body, hoping to hit an even wider potential market with the "same" phone.

The Q6+ has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, actually matching the G6 (or beating it, in some regions), the main Q6 has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage and the Q6α has 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage. The colors available on each model also slightly differ, with each one getting a different color option in addition to black and platinum.

LG will start selling the Q6 family in "key markets" throughout Asia in August, followed by an expansion to Europe, Latin America and North America thereafter. Specifics on which Q6 model will hit each area isn't yet known, along with pricing — considering the specs, we can expect something pretty competitive.



Press release:


LG's Newest Q Series Brings the Essential Features of LG's Premium Devices and Elegant Design to a Mid-Range Portfolio

SEOUL, July 11, 2017 ― LG (Electronics) today announced that the LG Q6, part of its new Q series, will be the first smartphone to offer the FullVision display following the LG G6. The Q series offers many of LG's most sought-out premium features at a competitive price.

LG's Q series is the company's latest line of powerful, mid-range smartphones boasting the essential features of LG premium phones at exceptional price points. As the first in the Q series to be announced, the LG Q6 features some of the most desired innovations from LG's premium G6 smartphone and packages them in a sleek, stunning body highlighted by its FullVision display with minimized bezels. The Q6 family consists of the Q6+, Q6 and Q6α. The three variants cater to different user groups in terms of memory and storage: the Q6+ comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, the base Q6 delivers 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage and the most affordably-priced Q6α comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB of ROM.

At a time when minimized bezels are an emerging trend in premium smartphones, the Q6 is the first smartphone in the mid-price category to bring this feature to the masses. The unique 5.5-inch FHD+ FullVision display in the LG Q6 with its 18:9 aspect ratio makes video browsing, gaming and multi-tasking more immersive. The smartphone's "bezel-less" form factor was designed to maximize the screen while still preventing accidental touching of the screen when being held.

And the LG Q6 looks good with its minimalist and sleek design. With no unsightly camera bump and sleek appearance, the Q6 features attractive curves with rounded corners of the body matching the corners of the display. Packaged in a stylish metallic frame, the Q6 manages to be both lightweight and sturdy for a more durable day-to-day usage experience.

And not only does the Q6 look good, it is extremely easy to use. Benefiting from ergonomic research during the development of the LG G6, the Q6 is also comfortable to hold and use with one hand. In another nod to user convenience, LG's proprietary Face Recognition feature allows owners to unlock the Q6 faster and with less hassle than other facial recognition technologies currently available.

As expected, the LG Q6 carries on LG's heritage of excellence in optics. The smartphone incorporates a 100-degree wide angle selfie camera that allows shutterbugs to include a large group of friends and family in the shot without effort. The camera's improved LG UX 6.0 takes full advantage of the 18:9 aspect ratio of the FullVision display. Square Camera Mode makes it easy to "share your squares" or create photo collages using multiple square images.

The LG Q6 is also quite durable. The metal frame surrounding the Q6 is constructed of ultra-strong 7000 series aluminum, one of the highest strength aluminum alloys available and used extensively in industries such as aerospace. The device is subjected to LG's demanding regimen of over 20 battery tests which include heat, penetration and shock, conditions more stringent than international testing protocols.

"The LG Q6 is a blend of premium features, great performance and attractive pricing, a combination that is extremely important to us as we look at the way consumers are using smartphones around the world," said Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "The Q series is our way of getting the superb experiences with the essence of the LG's premium line-ups to more consumers' hands and pockets."

The LG G6 will go on sale in key markets in Asia starting next month to be followed by availability in Europe, Latin America and North America onward.

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