Nest will stop selling products on Amazon following a ban on its latest hardware

There's been a lot happening in the smart home space over the past month. Nest announced at the beginning of February that it was merging with Google's hardware team, and a few weeks later Amazon purchased Nest-competitor Ring. Now, it's been reported that Nest is deciding to pull its products from Amazon's website.

Last year, Nest released the Thermostat E and Secure home security system. Both are commendable smart home gadgets, but Amazon chose to not sell either of them. Following weeks of radio silence from the online retailer, Business Insider reports that Amazon later called Nest to tell them that this decision had "come from the top."

Although no names were specifically mentioned, Nest was under the impression that this was coming from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Not wanting to sell just a few of its products and being restricted by Amazon on which ones it could list, Nest then decided to not restock any inventory of its hardware that's currently available on Amazon.

Amazon and Google's inability to get along is bad news for consumers, plain and simple.

Why is any of this happening in the first place? Unfortunately, it can be attributed to Amazon's ongoing feud with Google. Last year saw a lot of drama between Amazon and Google regarding the use of the YouTube app on the Echo Show and Fire TV, and while Amazon offered a few olive branches to calm things down, nothing ever came of this.

Now that Nest is part of Google and Amazon's purchased one of its biggest competitors, Nest is in Amazon's way.

You'll likely still be able to purchase Nest products from third-party sellers on Amazon as time goes on, but none of them will officially be sold by Nest from here on out.

This Amazon vs. Google battle has been nothing but bad news for consumers since it started, and thanks to this latest development, it doesn't look like it'll be stopping anytime soon. I'm personally pretty sick of the whole thing, so I hope and pray these two companies can work out their differences sooner rather than later. What about you?

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