Nest will stop selling products on Amazon following a ban on its latest hardware

There's been a lot happening in the smart home space over the past month. Nest announced at the beginning of February that it was merging with Google's hardware team, and a few weeks later Amazon purchased Nest-competitor Ring. Now, it's been reported that Nest is deciding to pull its products from Amazon's website.

Last year, Nest released the Thermostat E and Secure home security system. Both are commendable smart home gadgets, but Amazon chose to not sell either of them. Following weeks of radio silence from the online retailer, Business Insider reports that Amazon later called Nest to tell them that this decision had "come from the top."

Although no names were specifically mentioned, Nest was under the impression that this was coming from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Not wanting to sell just a few of its products and being restricted by Amazon on which ones it could list, Nest then decided to not restock any inventory of its hardware that's currently available on Amazon.

Amazon and Google's inability to get along is bad news for consumers, plain and simple.

Why is any of this happening in the first place? Unfortunately, it can be attributed to Amazon's ongoing feud with Google. Last year saw a lot of drama between Amazon and Google regarding the use of the YouTube app on the Echo Show and Fire TV, and while Amazon offered a few olive branches to calm things down, nothing ever came of this.

Now that Nest is part of Google and Amazon's purchased one of its biggest competitors, Nest is in Amazon's way.

You'll likely still be able to purchase Nest products from third-party sellers on Amazon as time goes on, but none of them will officially be sold by Nest from here on out.

This Amazon vs. Google battle has been nothing but bad news for consumers since it started, and thanks to this latest development, it doesn't look like it'll be stopping anytime soon. I'm personally pretty sick of the whole thing, so I hope and pray these two companies can work out their differences sooner rather than later. What about you?

Are Nest Products Worth It?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • I think it all started with Amazon's decision to not support Android with a Amazon Video app since the beginning. Yes both companies are super greedy but Amazon not supporting Android with their services and expecting Google to support Amazon's services is beyond me.
  • Google is just trying to choke out their competitor. They did the same with Microsoft by not releasing any Google apps on WP and then W10M.
  • Why waste money developing apps for a platform with such small market share? Did Google release Google Maps for BB10? WebOS? If it was about not supporting their competition, they wouldn't make iOS apps - iOS is their competition; others really had no traction. Also, as others have clarified, this is more Amazon not wanting to stock Google's products.
  • Google actually went out of their way to make sure Windows mobile did not have the same access as iOS and Android devices. For example, MS finally wrote an awesome YouTube app for Windows Mobile and Google shut it down.
  • Gizmo, You do realize MS facilitate stealing from the YouTubers? They bypass ads?
  • Exactly - much like Amazon tried to do on the Echo Show, Microsoft violated Google's Terms of Service by blocking ads from their YouTube app.
  • Which didn't leave room for Youtube Red? Was a great app but that is the market we consumers have to live in. The consumer will just settle with that market.
  • To borrow a phrase from the article, it came "Straight from the top." Eric Schmidt. There was no way in heaven or earth he was going to allow Microsoft to get their nose in his tent again like happened with Novell. Nevermind that Novell's downfall was all his doing.
  • Are you speaking about Alexa? Because other than mass storage, and some media, Google and Amazon have two different products. Media was the beginning, then the Chromecast Apple TV thing. IMO Amazon has the Lions share of the blame here.
  • MS blocked ads and stealing from the YouTubers and Google asked them to stop. Google still allowed them access to YouTube just through the browser so they could not continue to facilitate stealing. Here it is Amazon banning everyone from being able to sell the products on their market place. It is NOT about Amazon themselves selling them. I swear there is something in the water in Seattle.
  • So using an Adblocker makes me a thief?
  • I don't know about "thief," but it certainly makes you a mooch.
  • I agree about the water, but my question is; where are all the "Net Neutrality" advocates? Isn't this the same situation? A large company making decisions that affect what they provide and what they don't. Preferring one product over the other. That can't possibly be fair. Where are the protests? Let's not shop at Amazon tomorrow, that will show them.
  • Nobody released any Windows mobile apps, that's why the OS is dead
  • But now its all mixed with Windows 10, with the new web based apps this may be a none issue soon.
  • Er, NO. Check your facts. Google has always wanted a level playing field. It's El Jeffe who has not allowed Google products on Amazon, not allowed Amazon video on Chromecast.
  • Per news elsewhere, Amazon folks actually called Nest and communicated that they will not sell it anymore.
  • As much as it does suck for consumers, a business has to protect it's assets or it doesn't stay in business. Yes, both companies are massive and won't be impacted by the decision to not carry or sell a few select products through Amazon, but the principle remains the same. We have the same debate about how Apple sues everyone for product infringement yet we still line up to buy their products. All I'm saying is that in a capitalist economy, unfortunately businesses have to act in self-interest to survive.
  • The problem with Amazon is they have a conflict of interest here with them being such a large online retailer and they are also trying to sell their own services and hardware that competes with other products on their own site. I'm just don't think think these anti-competitive practices are good for Amazon in the long run... if it wasn't for all of this crap going on I would have kept buying both Amazon and Google products but now I'm sticking with just Google.
  • Tbh you can't buy Google home on the Amazon site to so this is kind of to be expected but the next question is will Google create a new online store to compete with Amazon? If they do it could get really interesting.
  • Can you buy Echos and Fire Tablets from Google?
  • That's a bit different as you can buy other android and even windows devices from amazon plus Google is nothing like amazon in terms of having a online store with millions of products
  • That's different. Amazon is meant as a place for ppl and companies to sell their products whatever they are. Google's website is meant as a place to buy Google products/products running Google and Android software
    For example, Walmart is a store that sells everything from different companies, but bath and body works, for example isn't going to sell electronics and kitchen products like Walmart, they just sell their own products so it's completely different
  • Can you buy Amazon, Microsoft and Google products on Apple's website? What's your point here?
  • This issue has nothing to do with survival. These actions are just plain petty.
  • Are you speaking from your vast business experience?
    Do you think share holders tolerate poor business decisions, that will affect their bottom line, for the sake of vengeance?
  • That's the problem, this is a small ripple in their bottom line. Do you think this is affecting their earnings or prime memberships?
  • JC, I agree they are both private customers free to do what they desire. This is why Google really needs to put the screws to Amazon. Google has all the cards and Amazon played the only one they had. It is important Google escalates and does more to pressure Amazon into behaving. Maybe remove Amazon from the Play Store. Or put Amazon results from search on the third page or similar. There is so many things Google can do. Amazon is very dependent on Google. They use Android for majority of their hardware including the Echo and Dot. They recently changed the rules on Android and ads on the lock screen that cost Amazon some money. But they need to hit a lot harder. Google found Spectre and Meltdown recently and maybe they should not have told Amazon like they did. They found Broadpwn, Shellshock, Cloudbleed and Heartbleed and shared all of them with Amazon. Google is just to nice. Amazon markets K8s and TF in AWS which maybe something Google can do here. Even the new Amazon browser is really just a reskinning of Chrome. So something here. Amazon purchased Twitch and then removed the Twitch app from the Roku. Google created the Chromecast and then added a YouTube app to the Roku. Google has to force Amazon to end the anti-competitive behavior and only Google has the power to do so.
  • This article makes it sound like Nest made a decision to stop selling it on Amazon. Its the other way around.
  • The headline is factually incorrect.
  • In response to Amazon deciding not to sell it's latest product, Nest decided they would no longer stock the other products they sell on Amazon. It's right in the article.
  • Amazon is a real a hole There's nothing special about Amazon except for fast shipping. You can buy everything from somewhere else for same or cheaper.
  • The thing that keeps and draws me on Amazon is the selection. Not only can I buy almost any phone I want, I can also buy any screen protector and case for said phone. That's an example of one thing but it's something I run into a lot with what I buy there. I do agree that Amazon is just being petty though.
  • There's also the massive product line and the customer service. There are very few places I can order a Nintendo switch game, some lightbulbs, a case of root beer (which is hard enough to get in itself),a fire extinguisher and a new top end CPU and have it all delivered in less than 24 hours. And if anything goes wrong with the order, it gets sorted. No spending a month or two calling and emailing, it's just sorted. They are petty and greedy and I kind of hate them, but they do what they do very well.
  • Yes, customer service is indeed good. But if that's not a terrible concern, ebay is almost every single thing. Most time it slightly cheaper and almost always free shipping. But, gotta deal with each individual transaction separately if you encounter a problem. But in like 18 years of eBaying, prob had an issue less than 10 times.
  • True but having everything at your fingertips is nice
  • 100% agree. This may surprise some people. But with Google Express and a few other websites. (Including Walmart) I get free 2 day and 1 day shipping too. No annual fees for that too.
  • Yes, I've used Google Express a few times already too. Ordered from Costco and Walmart in a single order. It was pretty awesome
  • More examples of multinational mega corporations and their billionaire heads acting like five year old children. Kinda wish I could stop using Amazon... But I don't think I have the willpower.
  • Can't stop, won't stop
  • lol
  • People were quick to blame Google on the YouTube/Echo dispute but I think it was pretty straightforward in that Amazon violated policies. As far as I know, the decision to not sell Nest, and previously Chromecast products, are also a business decisions of a different kind. Amazon fears competition in hardware.
  • It is not so much Amazon will not sell them. The problem is they ban everyone else from selling them. That is the problem. It is fine if Amazon does not want to sell. That is like Google telling Apple no access to search on iOS unless you remove the Amazon app from the app store. Google has all the cards and simply needs to put the screws to Amazon and force them to behave.
  • Amazon vs Google vs Apple vs Microsoft vs etc. Competition is the best.
  • +1 for Arlo
  • Alexa enabled doorbell in three.. two.... one..
  • Google needs to step up its game with eBay
  • You're hoping and praying they make up? Who really gives a toss about all this? You geeks really know how to make mega rich companies money problems yours. Smh
  • Test
  • You can purchase Nest devices anywhere. I have dropped Amazon prime. It has been easy to find 99% of products cheaper elsewhere including the shipping. I'm not a Alexa fan. I'm all Google Home. But the Ecobee better suits my home layout with the optional room sensors. The Ecobee works perfectly with Google Home
  • Google needs to put the screws to Amazon and force them to behave. The only way to straighten out a bully is to bully them. BTW, some seem to not realize the issue. It is NOT that Amazon will not sell the product but instead they ban everyone else on their marketplace from being able to sell the products.
  • I like Amazon. I like Google. If they wish to bicker and spat thats ok too. I'll keep using both.
  • I'm fine with Nest leaving since in my opinion for most people Ecobee is a much better thermostat system, and for outdoor security I prefer Ring to Nest's cameras. On the other hand I prefer Android phones and Android TV (NVIDIA's Shield TV only) over the old Fire Phones and FireTV. I watch Amazon Prime videos on my Android Phones, Android (and Fire) Tablets and my Shield TV, and listen to Amazon Music from my phoneThe only fallout from the spat that has bothered me is that there still is not a dedicated Amazon Music app for the Android TV. On another note, I'm hoping that the power of Amazon's server farm and backbone will speed up Ring's performance on the Echo Show.
  • Aw. Now I'll have to find some other place not to buy them.