Remember back at CES when Verizon announced that nameless Samsung device, and we were all wondering what it was. Well, some more information has surfaced about the device, and it appears as though the Samsung SCH-i510 LTE device is the Droid Charge. The device has surfaced yet again, this time with a mock up of a potentially new style to the good old Eye we are used to.

Interesting to see this non Motorola "Droid" branded device utilizing a variant of the Eye that has been seen in all the other Motorola Android devices, but was not found in the Eris or Incredible. While there is still unfortunately not a whole lot of information about the device, besides that it will run Android 2.2, and have an 8MP rear facing camera, and a front facing camera, the confirmation of the name brings it one step closer. [Pocketnow]