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Motorola Xoom LTE upgrade still coming, in September?

Wanting some of the fast LTE goodness for your Motorola Xoom?  Looks like you'll be waiting another month or so, according to a source at Droid Life.  Promised this past Spring, the LTE upgrade for the first Honeycomb tablet is a bit off the mark, taking a full seven months to reach the customer if this holds true.  To further add to the sting of waiting, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with LTE will have been out a full month by the time this starts rolling around.  Early adopters should expect a glitch or two, but this is pushing it just a bit. Emails to current customers are supposedly going out today with all the details, be sure to let us know if you get one.  In the meantime, take heart in the fact that its coming, even if it's not as soon as anyone had hoped.  There's bound to be some discussion in the Xoom forums, so join in. You can also hit the break to see the email being sent out.

Source: Droid Life

Thanks, Stephen!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • Holy shizzle, I know mf are pissed. How does that happen.
  • Its like they say, "Don't buy a device for what it'll be able to do in the future" or "Don't buy a device based on its potential upgrades" I knew the Xoom was a No-buy once they announced that LTE would have to be added later. Dumbest idea ever.
  • moto you have some splaining to do
  • Disclaimer: I don't own a Xoom. Tbh if I had one, I would have okay with this whole debacle if they had been transparent with it since the beginning. If in March/April they had said that they had supply problems or problems with the system of shipping and upgrading all the tablets or SOMETHING, I think it wouldn't have been as bad.
  • I do own a Xoom, and I would have been fine with them just letting us know that there we issues, or even that they were just waiting on FCC approval before they could do it. It's the whole being left in the dark that is the problem.
  • I'm not happy at all about a "few weeks" turning into several months. But at least they FINALLY have said something so that we know we haven't been forgotten. Hopefully they will give us 3.2 before LTE so at least we can use the SD card that was "a few weeks" out.
  • Umm, 3.2 has been out for a couple of weeks now and yes, it does let us use the microSD slot.
  • it's good to see they're finally taking care of this. People complain about software issues and that I understand, but missing hardware? yeah, big mistake. Motorola should definitely have fixed the problems the Xoom still has before it ever shipped. Oh well. Good luck to all the Xoom owners out there!
  • Talk about a slap in the face to xoom owners, this has been a complete debacle. Now you have to send it away (and honestly, who knows how long it will take them to get it back to you after they wipe all your data) re configure your device to your likings (all your apps, home screens, widgets etc) and hopefully then it works but honestly i forsee a lot of issues with this. Digging into hardware on tablets that have been in use for 6 months now (more or less?)Data issues, hardware issues, shipping, damages, lost packages. What a mess. I will be shocked if this goes smoothly. I hate apple with a passion but they would never do something so half-assed.
  • I knew what would happen if I bought it. However, I wanted the reference device for Honeycomb and was willing to have the trade-off of not having access to the SD card and no 4GLTE for a few months. All in all I'm quite happy with this device. I always wanted a Nexus type device for Verizon and the XOOM 3G is the closest thing to it.
  • I agree. I'm very happy with my Xoom, especially the fact that the Xoom seems to get upgrades before other tablets. 4G/LTE would be nice to have but the lack thereof isn't taking away my enjoyment of my tablet.
  • The multiple Droidlife references discuss "90 days to upgrade" and "2nd quarter 2011". V needs to $$ compensate early adopters of this product along with accessories / plans purchased to make this right to their customers. EVERY pre-sale piece of documentation with M or V associated with it discusses specific time frames for upgrades - the caveats for the approximate dates are simply CYA moments. Any ambulance chasers smell class action? I'd sign up.
  • I enjoy having a Xoom but Motorola/Verizon you give me headaches!
  • I very much enjoy my Xoom and considering my city wont be getting 4G LTE until about 2 months after Hell freezes over, I'm ok with this.
  • I may take mine back in and demand an exchange for the Samsung tab. As this was sold to me under false pretenses. I really do like it, but there should be some form of compensation for those that bought it on release. 3.2 would be nice too.
  • Isn't it ironic Samsung of all companies figured out the Tegra2 issue with LTE before Motorola?
  • Motorola is sooooo far off the mark on this, it just isn't funny anymore. This product was "Half-Baked" when it was released. Now, 7 months later (if the date holds - and i'm doubtful) the author of this article says owners "should expect a glitch or two". I don't think so, if something takes this long to produce, shouldn't they expect everything to work as expected? Hell, shouldn't that be the basic rule of thumb anyway. Don't release something until your sure it works, and works the way it is suppose to? I think we are far too forgiving to any manufacturer. They should not be allowed to "Push" something into the market place, just to be there "on time" or ahead of everyone else. The only way we, as consumers, and insure they are producing quality products, it not to buy them until they are tested and ready. Fully Baked! That's why I did not purchase a Xoom (though I really wanted one), instead I purchased something that actually did what it was advertised to do. Apple iPad2. Sorry, if you product crap, I'll buy elsewhere.