Behold: Verizon's Motorola Devour

Well lookie what just slipped into our inbox. It's the retail box for the Motorola Devour (aka the Calgary), which we're going to see on Verizon any time now. Looks like the leaked shot we saw a ways back was right on track, as the D-pad's given way to an optical sensor. MotoBLUR gets top billing here, with "Live life for the Story" the Moto motto.

Still no word on when you'll be able to pick one up, but it's got to be soon at this point. Peep a pic of the back of the box after the break.

Update: An astute commenter notes that this likely is the promotions pack being sent to Verizon stores, and that what you'll get when you buy the phone will be different. Makes sense to us.

Phil Nickinson
  • This makes me happy :)
  • One of the strange thing about this calgary model is why should the specs be fluctuated down by moto developers? Mm, hopefully the prices will be on the same boat too. Moto Calgary is
    a droid phone that's something that is not so glamorous to see. Details:
  • Despite the, what seems to be a, tiny tiny screen...I'm diggin' this phone. :)
  • Does this phone meet the new standard of smartphone specs?
    1ghz processor, android 2.1, 5MP camera, wifi 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1+,...
  • Actually, I read a specs list(It might not be right, but it looked official) and it was a bit weaker than the Droid Eris specs wise.
  • That's nice and all but I want News on the Nexus One! Maybe at the MWC???
  • @corydunbar... The Droid devour is being slotted right under the Droid in terms of 'bling'; the Droid is going to remain Big Red's flagship(at least until the Nexus One).
  • Is it me or is this box huge! Wonder if there extra goodies.
  • Whys the screen look so small whats with that large black area where they could have more screen. I like the keyboard on this better then then the droid!
  • That's not what you'll get when you buy it...that's a launch kit box for stores to activate and put out for demo, also likely to have info cards to hand out
  • kinda wish my Droid had MOTOBLUR...
  • That keyboard with its separated keys looks _much_ more usable than the one on the Droid.
  • Kinda wish I held out for this now that I see the keyboard, its very Sidekick/EnV. I love it, but I'm not lovin the silver. I never liked silver phones that much.
  • The box has no mention of Android. It seems like this won't be running android?
  • It has blur on it and it says blur on the box which is android with a cover on it, like sense but it's aimed more at social networking, this phone will probably be aimed at teen's.
  • Pretty gay looking phone. Good luck verizon trying to sell another ugly device filled with "goodies". Moto blur are you serious? And the nexxus one is nice but that's it. Apple all the way baby!