Few things are as irritating as breaking your phone once its warranty has expired and trying to figure out how to fix it. Thankfully, at least if you have a Motorola device, your life is about to get a little less stressful.

On May 3, Motorola announced that it's partnering with CPR Cell Phone Repair to offer fully authorized out-of-warranty walk-in repairs at CPR's 500 stores across the United States and Canada.

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Per Motorola's press release:

Giving consumers more trustworthy options to repair their smartphones is a key goal of Motorola Mobility. With help from CPR Cell Phone Repair, Motorola consumers now have a Walk-In repair option for out-of-warranty smartphones.

As part of its agreement with Motorola, CPR employees will receive Motorola-specific training and the company will only use "genuine Motorola parts."

If you find yourself needing to make use of this service, you can get your repair started by going to Motorola's Online Return and Repair Center to find the CPR location that's closest to you.

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