Motorola Droid Ultra in white appears in leaked photo

One of the three rumored phones from Motorola that are destined for Verizon shows up in white

If yesterday's leaked press render of the Motorola Droid Maxx wasn't enough to pique your interest, maybe a version in white with a new name -- and the model number -- will. At XDA a poster named xavierk75 gives us this picture, with only  the post title "Motorola Droid Ultra XT1080 is Here!" to provide any clues.

What we can see are the three capacitive buttons and what appears to be a chin on the bottom of the device, matching up well with the kevlar skinned chin we saw on Saturday's leaked press render. 

We've been hearing the name Droid Ultra for a while from folks in the know, and FCC filings tell us the XT1080 has everything a phone would need to run on Verizon's 3G and LTE networks. I expect we'll be hearing more from Verizon about this one soon. 

Is anyone ready for a (rumored) 1080p LTE Droid branded phone from Moto? 

Source: XDA; via Android Central forums

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  • Looking good, going to be interesting to see if the Motorola X gets released on Verizon alongside the Ultra line. As much credit as the DROID brand should be given for getting Android off the ground I wouldn't mind seeing it phased out. What better line of phones to send the DROID line off with but the DROID Ultra. Posted via Android Central App
  • What's with the lip? Posted via
  • what's the screen size? 5-inch or bigger? how come we can see FCC filings for new Android phones,
    but we never see FCC filings for new iPhones? Does Apple
    have a special arrangement with the FCC so new phone filings
    don't get leaked out?
  • Thats what Phil said in one of the podcasts, 5" screen size. We do see the iPhone filings online, but this site is Android so they are not reported really. I suppose iMore has them when they hit. If you search for iPhone 5 FCC you will see the reports
  • You can see the filings if you know where to dig in the FCC database, but you never see these pictures or much of anything in those filings. Companies can ask for a 180 day non-disclosure of circuit diagrams and photos, etc. All you get is radio measurements etc, from which you can guess carriers and bands and such.
  • Capacitive buttons... *groans* Guess I have to hope that the Moto X has softkeys and a decent enough battery.
  • Capacitive > on screen Posted via
  • Maybe, unless the onscreen buttons are done properly and there is not enough room on the face of the phone for capacitive buttons. My Galaxy Nexus doesn't meet this criteria, that is for sure. The bottom bezel is huge. Posted via Android Central App
  • your the second one to bring that up sorta. Wonder why that bezel is like that. I havent played with one in quite some time and just never noticed. The SGS and the ONE does it right IMHO (well not the layout of the One, just the bezel) I would rather have the buttons taking up bezel space instead of screen real estate. I am sure other phones are the same, those are just the two that come to mind.
  • You realize there are ways to either completely get rid of the onscreen buttons, have them hidden or keep the stock and let it decide when to hide it? Since when having no choice is better than multiple options?
    I listed other benefits in post below
  • Choice is good and I could go either way depending on the rest of the phone. The buttons are not really a deal breaker but i like being able to use my whole screen not just 97% of it as I am sure other do. As I said in the post below, the physical button is a bit...troublesome but still not a deal breaker.
  • I d you want to use all screen and there are options for that with the onscreen buttons.
    Like this one for example Basically the possibilities are endless with the onscreen buttons. Capacitive buttons are extremely limited
  • I could install LMT launcher and do the same stuff. But with Home2 shortcut, i do not have to be rooted or rom'd
  • I'm sure you can... After all, it's Android.
    But having dead/useless capacitive buttons is ugly.
    The only phone I know that completely hides capacitive buttons when OFF is GS3. For some reason GS4 is cheaper made IMO
  • By the way, I bet you that's the main reason why nexus line is on-screen only. It gives Google total flexibility with new OS releases and gives developers flexibility to do whatever they want (I think there's even an Ubuntu-like ROM... gesture based)
  • I agree that choice is a good thing. It really always comes down to preference and what you are willing to put up with. I like my screen real estate but I wouldnt turn down an awesome phone because of any button arrangement. Maybe the One because it is so screwy but I am sure I could get used to that to. For me I dont want to give up any screen real estate when they can use the open space on the bezel.
  • Agreed.
    Not only on-screen buttons can be customized with a ROM or even changed with new Android release, they also rotate with the screen, hide when necessary and even change (to bottom arrow to hide a keyboard)
    Lastly, the phone itself looks more "upscale" when turned off (just black glass) and it's probably cheaper to make. I HOPE this is still one of those leftover projects that Moto started without Google input
  • I can reassign my buttons, the only one of the 3 you see is the physical one (I am still mostly not ok with that one but it isnt a deal breaker), mine hide when not needed, your price thought doesnt hold weight but could be valid. Sound like we are even. here is the deal breaker. I get to use all 5" of my screen all the time, not 4.8" (the extra .2 being the button bar.) My dimensions might be off be you get the idea. My screen is totally for content not navigation.
  • Pie Controls ftw
  • Wait is your Avatar Johnny? "Lisa you are tearing me apart!" Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App
  • +1
  • Try to see it this way...your screen is smaller so they can make room for the hardware buttons. Those buttons can never actually go away and make room for a slightly larger view of a game/video/etc. Software buttons can. Theoretically they could make the screen take up almost the whole face of the phone when software buttons are utilized. Can't do that with hardware buttons. My point is, buttons will ALWAYS take away from the display no matter if they are hardware or software. But at least with software, they can sometimes go away or change. IMHO there is no good argument for hardware buttons.
  • I wouldn't mind them as long as they are nicely designed :-)
    But that is just me. Posted via Android Central App
  • So disappointed in the capacitive buttons Posted via Android Central App
  • Meh. Posted via Android Central App
  • Looks "softer". Posted via Android Central App
  • Idk how I feel about the lip thing, I hope it can at be the same color as the face and not just black Posted via Android Central App
  • HUGE BEZEL for a new DROID.
  • Now for the Droid Maxx to appear. Something tells me these phones will look nice in black because of the kevlar.
  • Anyone think that Motorola M lights up as the notification light? Multi-colored perhaps? Posted via Android Central App
  • if it does that would be ALMOST as obnoxious as a carrier putting their logo on the home button
  • To me that would actually be cool. Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App
  • The worst thing is most probably this will be US only. I love moto. Its the best brand I've ever owned. Please moto, make this release international. Posted via Android Central App
  • I doubt it. There might be developer versions released though. Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App
  • Moto X will likely get that wide release. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's kind of ugly. Maybe it would look OK in black, but I'm still not sure. Hope it looks better at release!
  • I'm not impressed by Motorola's products yet. Hope to see it getting better sooner rather than later Posted via Android Central App
  • Can't put my finger on what the problem is but their's something I find ugly about the top of that phone, above the screen. Probably just my weird quirk.
  • Holy ugly freaking phone batman! Wow.... Posted via Android Central App