Motorola Droid Captured In High-Quality Pictures

If you're wondering what the Verizon Motorola Droid looks like, especially after the agressive ad onslaught detailing what 'Droid does', look no further. BGR has taken some high quality photos of this most anticipated Android device and to say it survives the harsh light is an obvious understatement.

The quick bullet point highlights are that: it runs Android 2.0, is very thin for a QWERTY slider, is the fastest Android device available, has a wonderful screen and usable keyboard, and pretty much sets the standard for future Android phones. We're confident that the Verizon Droid is going to be a hit because it combines the best carrier (network-wise) with our favorite smartphone OS. Word on the street is that it makes the Motorola CLIQ look downright elementary (no surprsie). How can you deny that?

What do you guys think about the Verizon Motorola Droid? Excited? Nonplussed? Let us know in the comments!

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Casey Chan
  • really nice device, hope there will be European GSM version available soon. In the mean time i'm looking forward to reviews.
  • Yep, the Motorola Droid did everything it can to promote the Droid phone. It was a pretty stiff competition especially if you’re against an iPhone. The spec comparison are almost the same between the two.. up to the price point. We have to wait for customer reviews. < ahref=""> Droid at 199 USD with 2 year contract: Fair enough?
  • So its judgment day today for Droid, was it? According to Cnet it was a little bit slow nonetheless a good start of droid, other "critiques" says otherwise. But I say, "Hell yeah! droid conquered US for a couple of hours today". We just hope that their ROI is profitable compare to the hunderds of thousand worth of ads they spend during the promotion period and err.. did I say, their impending "lawsuit" with AT&T too?
    Collation of info about droid release today
    Hope Droid will serve as a hand of midas to Verizon Corp. Soweet
  • It seems to tick all the boxes on my phone wishlist. Like mgabo, I'm interested to see how it will shape up when the reviews start to appear.
  • Looks fairly un-assuming... I personally can't wait, will hopefully be a nice replacement for the G1 and I'll pretty much be out of my 18 month contract by the time this comes out to boot. Need to be convinced about the lack of physical buttons - using a touch screen when driving is a right pain in the arse!
  • well then, you shouldn't buy a touch screen phone if you cant operate on one.
  • Maria Scriver, is that you? Didn't your husband tell you it is illegal to use your phone while driving?
  • i should hope you don't mean to type, of course i guess there's a physical keyboard for that otherwise, android 2.0 has an application called "car home" that makes it easier to get directions, call people, and a few other things while you're in the car BGR talks about it in this article:
  • I like everything about it EXCEPT for the cringe inducing verizon logo that is on the front. It will remind me of the retarded carrier that I am with. sigh. oh well, still gettin it. my blackberry storm sucks.
  • Seeing this makes me wish I had dealt with my BlackBerry Storm just for an extra 6 months. I got rid of my storm in April and switched to the G1. I love my G1 but I miss Verizon....
  • I know the Verizon Logo is ugly. And the motorola logo is huge. i wish it was just the MOTO "M" At the same time, all you have to do is paint over it, put a cool decal/sticker over it, piece of tape, label maker with your name or whatever you want. This is the phone for me. I think it beats the Pre which is the only other thing I'd consider on Verizon
  • nerds will really love this phone, G1 users unite! Does this phone come with a free pocket protector?
  • Am I the only one that is really let down by how the device looks? I gues I have to wait till I see it in person. Also, who else thinks Verizon is going to try and charge out the ass for this?
  • no, i'd venture to say there's a lot of people not digging the design, but not me, i like the look (no so much the gold) but i think some of the people who don't like it might be impressed with it in person if it's as thin as the specs say, i mean, a touch screen with a slide out qwerty that's thinner than my bb tour? that's impressive in my book. as to pricing, apple seems to have forced all other providers hand now days, especially the way verizon is positioning this device, they really can't charge more than the iphone (not more than $250 max) my prediction: 199 (after rebates and whatnot) for a 16gb version (as in a 16gb microSD preinstalled) but i'm guessing it'll be 250 with a $50 MIR or something (same pricing model they had for the storm when it came out) which is fine with me, i just want it already!
  • My first reaction was eeww... ugly, and what's with that lip where the lower half is bigger than the upper half? I like the specs though!
  • I just read a report that it will go for 599 without a contract. I'm just getting to the end of my contract, so I have my NE2 credit plus any 2-year contract discount they offer. I picked up the (at the time) brand new Voyager 2 years ago at Thanksgiving and this will be my Thanksgiving 2009 purchase. I'd send a link to back up this price, but the Google news results are all now being flooded with the news that Motorola 'accidentally' leaked the specs on their website.
  • Does it have Wifi?
  • yes, i believe it does.
  • Yes
  • At first I hated the square-look of the phone, but it's slowly growing on me. Wish they'd think of something more innovative than a d-pad though.
  • like what? maybe a trackpad or something, but that might drive up the price of the phone. i'd rather have a d-pad over a trackball, at least it can't get dirty/unresponsive (i'm looking at you blackberry) i like having the tactile feedback of a d-pad, just hope they lose the gold
  • If I am correct on assuming how android devices will be designed, that pad is a D pad but the gold part is probably a touch track ball sort of like the new samsung moment coming out for sprint, also their first android. The droid is coming.
  • My opinion on the quality and stability of Motorola phones is defiantly not a positive one. looks good but i would defiantly wait and see how it does before taking the plunge. looks nice -Verizon logo on the front.
  • Surprising to see this coming from Motorola after so many missteps with their phones in the past. They did create the StarTac and the RAZR, so they they have experience making things thin. This is the successor to the G1 and new Android poster child. Hoping for GSM version, I shudder at being tied to Verizon.
  • Kinda reminds me of a sidekick hmmm the touchscreen sidekick. Which means its a p.o.s. besides runnin 2.0. Is hero getting 2.0?
  • Anyone know if this will be a world phone?
  • It's going to be my next phone. I can't wait till it comes out next week. My Verizon salesman has already called me about it. I'm leaving my blackberry. I had considered waiting for Palm, but I am so loving Googles online tools, that I think this is the phone for me.
  • It's surprising that Moto is going to upstage their own device (CLIQ) so quickly. There are rumors that this is going to be coming out really soon so that gives the CLIQ a shelf life of only a few weeks. They are going to have to severely discount the CLIQ to sell any of them but I am excited to see such a compelling phone coming out with Android. I was disappointed to see some of the leaks of what is though to be the HTC Dragon. I wanted that to be identical to the HD2 only with Android, that would have been the right move for them. That's neither here nor there but I look for the Droid to be priced competitively with the 3GS so I'm thinking $199 or less which is very exciting indeed!
  • they aren't really upstaging it in a way that is damaging to them right now. they are two different devices for two different carriers. the droid however is clearly the flagship and premium device. it's unheard of only for apple, as they have only one phone. but other makers have released multiple devices pretty regularly (just look at how many different blackberry's there are in the market) the cliq in my eyes is overpriced though, it should be no more than 150 (more like 100 after rebates and whatnot) under contract. especially if the droid comes out at 199 like it should (should as in I feel that it's the proper price point, not should as in i'm privy to more information regarding the official price. :))
  • Looks like that battery cover will come right off, exterior resembles a 1980s NES videogame console. This thing is ugly; look at all those sharp angles. No taste injected into the design process. Its saving grace is Android. Otherwise a monument to all thins wrong with cell phone construction. Why cant America get cool devices like Europe? :^(
  • I have a sucks. Ive always loved the android OS and im a so excited for this to be coming to verizon. I love blackberry to death, but i think imma have to change real soon! Btw what is moto blur and why isnt this running it?
  • Does the screen click? Where can I find the specs? When will the media get a hold of it?
  • it doesn't click like the storm, but i hear it has some haptic feedback (it vibrates or something similar when you push on a soft key) built into it.
  • Wow that thing is hideous.
  • that looks like hammered dogshit, whats the gold button for security, hello 1999?
  • Don't forget this isn't final hardware. I think the gold button is ugly too but that is part of what is rumored to change in the final build.
  • THIS phone may not be the one that leads me to drop my BlackBerry, but future Android phones are DEFINITELY on my watch list, now. I never considered Apple's iPhone. BlackBerries aren't getting a whole lot more interesting - at least, not for the next couple of years. I won't go back to Sprint - even if they are the only Palm Pre provider. Glad to see that Android phones will be available everywhere in some form or another!
  • Pre should come to Verizon next spring...
  • It is hard to tell from the pics, but the keyboard kind of reminds me of my old Psion C3 with the slightly concave keys.
  • Sorry, I meant Psion 3C
  • Sorry again! I meant my Psion Revo! Man I am getting old and can't remember which device was which.
  • I have a Blackberry Storm, and I'm miserable. My son has the G1 and feels sorry for me on a daily basis. Now, finally, Verizon & Motorola are putting out an phone I can be proud to swing with. I can't wait to get this, it's just amazing!!!!!!!!
  • The design doesn't bother me. But my biggest question, is how is the radio/reception? (My second question is battery life.) I too have a Blackberry Storm. The reception is horrid. My previous Verizon phones were fine. My GF also bought a Storm from me telling her about it. She too has lots of reception problems. At this point, we do not even use the phone as a phone. I've been using Blackberries for ~7 years now. I think this phone will be making me switch.
  • what version of the OS are you running on your storm? mine was really bad, but after upgrading to a beta of 5.0, it was a lot better
  • .203. I've tried 'em all. My GF is on VZW stock.
  • hopefully the droid will fare better for you then, my storm gave be better reception in general that my current tour does, but it's gotten almost even with the last OS on put on the tour. at least with vzw you can try it out for 30 days to see if it's gonna work for you
  • I want this.. and I'm a tmobile customer.. I guess they can forget about being the best droid carrier..
  • So Is this going to be one of VZ's world phones? i.e. use a sim card
  • This is not going to take buisness away from the iPhone. This phone looks great and is going to have huge impact on the storm, pre, g1, and the like. People who buy the iPhone (such as myself) get it so they can play 3d games, have fart apps, and do all sorts of useless FUN!!!!! stuff. The fact that the phone is also a usefull and reliable (take that rimm) smartphone is more a bonus than the main point. I also prefer a soft keyboard and I’m not the only one. This comment isn’t to bash the droid, the thing looks great, but marketing it against the iPhone is a mistake
  • Dosen't anyone think that it would be a ***** trying to hold this phone up to your ear and talk design is horrible phone is probably good.
  • why exactly would you think that? it's very close in dimensions to most touch screen phones out in the market now. it's also rectangular in shape like most phones out.
  • Ok i have a question, and i would love an answer, everybody hated the sprint hero and said the gsm hero looked way better, but now that americas getting a phone with a very similar form factor everyone hates it, how does that work??? Please explain is it the color or something????
  • For me it's the color scheme. I have NO issues with the blocky/square-ness/rectangle-ish look. I'm still buying it. Although, I would like to know what's under the hood with the HTC Desire/Hero that VZW is to offer next month.
  • How can people dump on the design of this phone. It's a rectangle with a big touch screen. The iphone is the same deal, rectangle with a touch screen. Also as one commenter said above, about the sharp angles...people loved this on the euro hero, yet hate it on this. The only thing I don't like about this phone is the gold trim axs i feel that gold trim on anything is disgusting. Either way it doesn't matter because as soon as december 10th rolls around and my NE2 kicks in, bye bye tour... hello droid.
  • people like to complain about things i guess. design being such a subjective thing to rate makes it hard to predict what people will like to a certain degree, but i think some of the people who aren't too fond of it might change their mind when they see it in person. but some people like curves over sharp angles, and this thing has pretty much none of the former. i like the gold accent on the back, especially if it turns out to be more dull in person, not digging the gold on the d-pad as much though
  • This reminds me of the LG Dare (shape-wise at least).
  • I love the specs...but really havent seen anything to make me drop the Iphone...well with all of the let downs I guess I'll wait for the Iphone 4g!
  • BLAH BLAH BLAH, I've had them all... except the android G1 from tMobile... my daughter had that one. Saved me from getting it hearing all her griping about it. I got the 3g about 6 mos. after it came out. Had the HTC Touch before that, it was horrible. Had to reboot 4 to 5 times a day. Alltel sent me another because the screen locked up on it. I was hoping the old touch was defective. Not a chance. Went to AT&T, ported my number to get the 3g to see what all the hype was about. Needless to say the damn phone works when you want it too. No waiting for circles chasing it's tail when opening a program or operating anything. It's there for you. I would get rid of my wife before I get rid of the iphone. Now I have the 3GS. Nothings gonna be better than an iphone, even the original iphone, except a newer iphone. Many smartphones have claimed to be the iphone killer but none deliver. They hype them up, and they all fall flat on their faces. the Pre, The storm, all hogwash. Good luck droid.
  • oh, forgot to mention, my daughter now has the 3GS. She loves it.
  • Yeah there's no hype with the iphone, right Amp? Why just the other day they got a very cool, brand new feature... picture messaging! What will they think of next? (Who knows, maybe video messaging will be out in the next iphone upgrade!) Okay, maybe I'm putting the sarcasm on a bit thick because I am a fan of Apple (I'm typing this on an Apple MacBook Pro which I dearly love) and I'm sure they've done a great job with what they've made so far, but it's not yet far enough to be considered a real competitor in my book. I mean, I realize sales-wise it's huge but that's just because most sheeple are easily distracted by shiny objects, and even more easily controlled by the lame-stream media. Which is arguably why "we the people" haven't already driven our president (or his predecessor) and all of those white-collar thugs in congress out of Washington with torches and pitchforks... but I digress. Suffice it to say that the iphone is missing some pretty basic/normal functionality that any old bottom of the barrel cell phone with a camera could do years ago. There are other basic little things missing too. For example, there's no way to organize those app icons into folders, so you're forced to flip through page after page to get to what you want, and it only allows so many pages. I'm waiting for the reviews on this new droid and the new storm before I upgrade. After putting today's new OS on the old storm it's obvious that the new storm deserves careful consideration as well. At least until then Amp, you may want to keep your wife around if she has a phone that can send video messages! ;-)
  • Will I be able to plug my laptop into it and use the wifi on my laptop????? If this answer is yes, I will be getting it.