Motorola Atrix 2 spotted in AT&T store a bit early

The Motorola Atrix 2 should be hitting AT&T store shelves Sunday Oct. 16, but in at least one location they are already sitting pretty and ready for fondling.  A reader sent these pics in, saying that the manager of his local AT&T store has already put them out "by mistake".  He goes on to tell us two pretty interesting things -- the H+ icon in the status bar has been replaced with a "4G" logo, and the screen on the new models is good enough that he doesn't think it's a pentile matrix display.  While the network icon is pretty lulzworthy, the news about an improved screen is good to hear.  Maybe this is a worthy refresh after all?  hit the break for another pic, and check out our hands-on.

Thanks, anon!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • At&t version of the Photon 4G??
  • The Photon was basically a Sprint version of the Atrix 1. This is more an a AT&T Bionic
  • Internally yes. But the exterior is the Photon
  • Looks like atrix 2 is going to be one of att's top android phones. I would love to see a comparison video between atrix 2 and nexus prime. Im jumping ship on ios (currently using iphone 3g) yea i could have upgraded to 3gs/4/4s but i didnt care for 3gs monor upgrades, iphone 4 death grip (im a lefty) and iphone 4s doesnt impress me. Referencing phils post earlier im one of those nerds who roots/jailbreaks their phones. Google has become leader in this imdustry and apple is in some real trouble. Im pumped for the nexus prime/ ICS unveil soon
  • Any ideas on non contract price?
  • $449.00 according to AT&T website.
  • 99.99 for this phone is a great price. HTC needs to get on the ball with at&t. The Inspire is starting to look out dated!
  • The battle for the ultimate Christmas Smartphone is hotting up. With so many launched its going to be interesting now that google has taken over Motorola.
  • It's about time you realized Pentile sucked
  • They had it out at the store near me too.
  • Motorola will no longer use pentile matrix displays. Starting with this phone
  • Haha it's actually a PenTile Matrix display. It's not the same, but it is PenTile Matrix. It's Super AMOLED, which is PenTile Matrix RG-BG.
  • Do you know that samsung will go back to pentile ? No more super amoled plus :)
  • It looks pretty damned good. I'm glad Motorola is catching up again.
  • I am glad as well. Moto should of stayed with the lcd or integrate super lcd, the one that htc uses.
  • this device look so nice, it tops the bionic because it does not have the cheap pentile display. The pentile that this one will use it is neat :)