More News On The Upcoming Motorola Android Phone

The T-Mobile G1 is coming in a few days but that won't stop speculation on future Android Devices. I mean, Android is supposed to be on a hundred different phones, right? So with Motorola making recent waves about their Android device speculation has been off the charts. Finally, BusinessWeek claims to have more details on the upcoming Motorola Android Device:

  • Touch Screen
  • Slide out QWERTY Keypad
  • Plenty of Social Networking Features
  • Takes Design Cues from KRAVE ZN4
  • Will be available for ~$150
  • Second Quarter 2009
  • Looks like a "higher end" T-Mobile G1

So for those who aren't satisfied with the T-Mobile G1's design, help is on the way! If it does end up selling for $150 and Android succeeds, this may be the phone that Motorola has been waiting to make since the RAZR. What will it be called? NDRD? We know Moto loves their vowel less monikers.


Casey Chan