Mophie's Encore Plus 10K Power Bank is over 50% off

Between incessant notifications, GPS apps, music streaming, social newsfeeds, and your favorite mobile games, it can be easy to drain even the most sophisticated phone batteries quickly. Factor in additional batteries, like the ones in your headphones or your smartwatch, and it's easy to see why power banks are so popular these days. Sometimes you need to top off a device and you're not near a traditional AC outlet. Power banks bridge the gap.

For a limited time, B&H is offering the Mophie 10500mAh Encore Plus Power Bank for $16.99 with free shipping. That's a great deal and one of the best we've seen for this specific iteration. Shipping is free as well. This discount is slated to last through Tuesday, though there's a chance that items sell out before then.

This deal is only around for a limited time. The power bank features a 10500mAh capacity, two integrated charging cables, and a sleek, portable design. Shipping is free.

This power bank can charge two devices simultaneously at up to 1.8A. There's a strange little caveat that you should be aware of, though. This model has two integrated cables, one USB-C and one micro-USB. Those are the only way to charge with it. The power bank doesn't actually have a USB-A port. That's an issue if, say, you wanted to charge a Lightning device, though adapters like this one can help. You can transform the micro-USB cable using an adapter as well. While micro-USB is dated, there are still quite a few products that require it, but the integrated cables are an important feature to note.

The power bank itself is slim and portable. It's compatible with Fast Charge and features safeguards to protect connected gear from things like overheating and excessive current. There are also handy LED lights on the side of the power bank to show you how much battery is left at a glance.

If you prefer a power bank where you supply your own cables, check this discounted option out instead.

Louryn Strampe

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