Is Mint Mobile really owned by Ryan Reynolds?

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Best answer: Yes. In November 2019, actor Ryan Reynolds purchased an ownership stake in Mint Mobile. Reynolds has continued to be a major part of the company's marketing, whether that's appearing in commercials or even calling customers.

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It's a bit unconventional

On November 25, 2019, actor Ryan Reynolds purchased an ownership stake of Mint Mobile saying, "it's a bit unconventional which is why I like it." Ryan Reynolds is known for playing roles such as Deadpool, Green Lantern, and even Detective Pikachu. While Reynolds has become the owner, David Glickman still serves as Mint Mobile's CEO. Still, Reynolds has been responsible for bringing a lot of attention to the Mint Mobile brand.

Mint Mobile is a prepaid carrier based on T-Mobile's LTE and 5G network that differentiates itself by offering mobile phone service in three, six, or 12-month durations. The longer the term you're willing to buy, the lower your monthly cost. Not only that, but most unlocked phones will work with Mint Mobile.

Ryan Reynolds has played a large part in advertising, whether it be a rather strange commercial or even calling Mint Mobile customers on the phone. Reynolds also announced Mint Mobile's new Unlimited plan with a commercial featuring Rick Moranis. Even with several acting projects in production, Reynolds is taking his role at the company seriously and making sure as many people as possible hear about his affordable phone plans.

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