The easiest way to explain Minecraft to the uninitiated is to call it digital Lego. Hundreds of block types in an infinitely-generating world leads to unending creativity, in much the same way Lego itself does. That's why combining Minecraft with Lego was the most obvious partnership since butter and toast.

Whether you're a Minecraft fan yourself or are looking for nifty gifts to pick up for loved ones this holiday season, these awesome Minecraft Lego sets are offering some savings for the Cyber Monday / Black Friday deals period. Just don't hang around, they're selling out rather rapidly.

With zombies!

Lego Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft: The Zombie Cave

$16 $20 $4 Off

For Minecraft zombie fans, this set has a bunch of well-known blocks and build ideas, complete with Lego minifigs of various Minecraft characters.

With pirates!

Lego Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft: The Pirate Ship Adventure

$32 $40 $8 Off

If you don't fancy zombies, what about pirates?! This set comes with everything you need to build a Minecrafty pirate ship, complete with some aquatic creatures, skull blocks, and more.

Into the Nether!

Lego Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft: The Blaze Bridge

$24 $30 $6 Off

If you want to bring the Nether into your Minecraft Lego builds, consider this set. Complete with treasure chests, Nether blocks, Blaze mobs, and more, this will add a dash of hellishness to your Minescape.

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