HTC Supersonic on T-Mobile?

We're drawing lines between dots here but aren't quite coming up with a picture yet. Above is a screen shot obtained by the Boy Genius Report and posted for "informational purposes" (meaning they aren't all that sure about it either) that shows what might be the "HTC Supersonic" running on T-Mobile with Android 3.0. That said, let's consider the following:

  • The "Supersonic" name has also been attached to the A9292, which appeared on a leaked Sprint inventory roster, not T-Mobile.
  • The A9292 is listed as a WiMAX device. It seems a bit early for T-Mobile to be prepping a WiMAX phone.
  • The model number is listed as the "HTC Supersonic." Emphasis ours. Maybe we're reaching here, but the Nexus One model number is merely "Nexus One," not "HTC Nexus One." Same for the Droid. It's just "Droid," not "Motorola Droid." Maybe something, maybe nothing.
  • Android 3.0? Already?

Those are a whole lot of ifs. So maybe this is real; maybe it's not. It's way too early to tell.