March Pixel Feature Drop adds three new wallpapers for International Women's Day

March Pixel Drop Wallpaper Breaking Glass
March Pixel Drop Wallpaper Breaking Glass (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has its first expansion for its new Curated Culture section of the Wallpapers app.
  • As part of the March Feature Drop, three new wallpapers have been added for International Women's Day next week.
  • The creators of the wallpapers are a duo of female Spanish illustrators that go by the name Cachetejack.

The latest feature drop for the Pixel series brings some updates to Google Recorder and Smart Compose, but the most fun part of this month's drop is the new wallpapers for the Curated Culture collection. Last month's wallpapers were celebrating Black History Month, and this month, the trio of new wallpapers are celebrating female empowerment ahead of International Women's Day on March 8. The creator of the three pieces is Cachetejack, an illutstrative duo from Spain that have worked with major brands like Nike, Mastercard, and Burger King's new worldwide re-branding.

Source: Google

The three wallpapers are entitles "Power of Transformation", "Breaking Glass", and "Stronger Together" each evoking empowerment, pride, and solidarity among women and particularly women of color. The art style used by Cachetejack is unique and evocative, and the wallpapers look quite fetching on my Pixel 4a. These wallpapers are available to all Pixel users right now in the Styles and wallpapers section of the Settings app.

I was hoping to see this collection fill out a little faster and fuller than three a month — and with more than one artist a month, goodness knows there are a lot of passionate female artists out there — but these wallpapers are distinct and fun, so check them out and shake up your home screen. After all, theming is all about bringing what's important to you and putting it front and center, and no element does that more than a great wallpaper.

Ara Wagoner

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