Get a good wallpaper!

Every phone or tablet comes a selection of wallpapers — images for your home screen or lock screen background that give your device a bit of personality. However, often times those wallpapers don't reflect your personality. We're here to change that.

This is where you can find all the best wallpapers for your Android phone or tablet!

Google Wallpapers

Google Wallpapers

Google got into the Wallpaper game last year with their Wallpapers app, which launched with the Google Pixel and has been growing every day. Wallpapers has a wide selection from satellite imagery to architecture to patterns to the wonderful beauty of nature. You can even choose to have Google mix up your wallpapers every day if you're so inclined!

Google Wallpapers (free)



Backdrops is a massive wallpaper app that features hundreds upon hundreds of wallpapers from artists all around the world. Backdrops has a "Wall of the Day" feature, but some of its best walls are available in paid, premium collections. Whether you're looking for something modern, something natural, or something completely new, Backdrops has some of the best wallpapers around, and you should give it a peek.

Backdrops (Free, in-app purchases)



Muzei wants to mix up your wallpaper a little more often than just daily, allowing you to see a new wallpaper on your phone every few minutes if you so desire. Muzei's many plugins also allow you to pull your prospective wallpapers from thousands of unique and curated sources, ensuring you'll love whatever wallpaper Muzei picks. Plus, if you don't like the current wallpaper, you can set a Quick Settings tile to skip to the next wallpaper.

Muzei (free)



DeviantArt is one of the biggest and most diverse online art communities on the internet, and as such, is an incredible place to go and search for a wallpaper for anything and everything under the sun. When I'm building an Android theme, the DeviantArt app is usually where I start. Just remember that while DeviantArt has millions and millions of amazing wallpapers, it also has millions and millions of "deviant" art pieces, if you get my drift. Please search responsibly.

DeviantArt (free)



InterfaceLIFT is technically an iDevice theme site, but seeing as how theming an iPhone is just a wallpaper, that means it's a great place for Android users to grab a wallpaper before we get into real theming.

Start your wallpaper search at InterfaceLIFT

Our wallpaper roundups

Wallpaper Weekly

Every now and again, we endeavor to bring you the best of the best wallpapers from all across the internet — many of them from DeviantArt — and sometimes beyond, if need be! Our Wallpaper Weekly posts offer wallpapers for everything from anime to nature to art to science for your wallpaper needs.

Start your wallpaper search in our Wallpaper Weekly archive!

Android Central's wallpaper forum

AC Theming forum

Android Central's forums are more than just a place to find help with your gear and talk about what we're expecting from the next big smartphone announcement — they're a great place to find new normal and live wallpapers! Our Theming forum can give you new wallpapers and themes to try out on your own phones, and if you come across a wallpaper you really like elsewhere, be sure to share it in our forums and share the love with the rest of our readers!

Start your wallpaper search in our forums

Your turn!

What are your favorite places to find wallpapers? Maybe you have an app you love or an artist whose work you cherish? Leave us a comment down below!

Updated July 2018: This article was updated with some of the latest apps for finding the best wallpapers.