There are too many keyboards on the market for you to be using one that is subpar, especially when you factor in how many discounts we see on them. If you could use an upgrade, check out this Logitech MK570 Comfort Wave Keyboard Bundle while it's 50% off via Best Buy's official eBay store. It usually costs $70, but today you'll pay just $34.99, and shipping is free. We don't see this model go on sale very often and the deal is only around for a limited time.

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Logitech MK570 Comfort Wave Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

I absolutely love this keyboard. You probably will too. The keyboard and mouse are both meant to keep things comfortable and convenient. Today's price is one of the best we've seen, and shipping is free.

$34.99 $69.99 $35 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

This keyboard is my daily driver. I use it every time I'm not working from my laptop. I type pretty quickly, about 90 words per minute, and it never misses a keystroke or lags behind. I also spend about 60 hours per week typing at my computer, and not only do the batteries last forever, but the keyboard keeps me comfortable through those long article-writing sessions. I recommend it to anyone that will listen.

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The keyboard has an ergonomic wave shape and a wrist rest that take a couple of uses to adjust to, but ultimately it's better for wrist health and RSI prevention than other designs. The mouse is ergonomic, too, with a curved design that gives your thumb a natural resting spot. and both items operate quietly. They connect using the same Logitech Unifying Receiver as well so you can keep more of your precious USB-A ports open. The Unifying Receiver stores neatly inside the mouse's AA battery compartment for convenient travel and storage.

Additionally, the keyboard has a huge array of extra buttons that add more convenience. There are media playback controls, a ton of hotkeys, a numeric keypad, and more. It's by no means a slim keyboard. In fact, it'll likely take up more space than others you've used before. However, the ergonomic design and relentless battery life means it has earned a permanent spot on my desk, and if you're in the market, I encourage you to take advantage of this discount.

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