Casey has lined up out in California, he arrived at 6am Pacific time to ensure that he would be able to get his G1. Looks like that won't be a problem, as the line consists of ....him. He writes:

There is an epically hilarious sign that points to where the line should start and line cards will be handed out.

We knew that T-Mobile is planning on using G1 Voucher Cards to ensure there isn't a fracas at any particular store, but it looks like this particular store isn't necessarily going to need them.

Does that mean you can mosey on over to your local T-Mobile store whenever the mood strikes you? We're still going to advise getting there early -- but at least right now it look like you can wait until the sun comes up. Meanwhile our man in Cali has dedicated himself to his first-in-line status, he's not going anywhere until they hand him his G1!