LG Wing's rotating dual-screen display shown off in leaked video

LG Wing Leaked Image
LG Wing Leaked Image (Image credit: Android Authority)

What you need to know

  • LG's upcoming "Wing" was shown off in a leaked video today.
  • The phone feature a novel dual-screen design with a rotating display.
  • It's rumored to be yet another of LG's 'premium' mid-rangers, in the vein of the Velvet.

LG's been enamored with dual displays for quite a while now, with many of its most recent phones sporting a Dual Screen accessory that turns the phone into a poor man's Surface Duo or Galaxy Fold.

The "Wing" is LG's evolution of this design, featuring a secondary display that rotates out at an angle to the main screen. The benefits of this design, as shown by a leaked video obtained by Android Authority, stem from the flexibility and improved multitasking experience it offers:

As can be seen, the secondary display would allow users to take calls or control their music without needing to switch from the main app they're using — in this case, the mapping app. That's definitely an awesome, maybe even life-saving, feature in the context of driving.

The video is said to feature a 'near-final' version of the phone, further corroborating a previous leak suggesting the phone will be launched officially sometime before the end of the year.

That leak also included some speculation about the specs of the phone: it's reportedly powered by a Snapdragon 7 series chipset with 5G support, much like the LG Velvet, and features a 64MP main camera.

LG Wing Concept Render

Source: ETNews (Image credit: Source: ETNews)

Curiously, there are no notches or hole-punch cutouts for the front camera, which could suggest that LG is going for an under-display camera. Or it may simply be an indication that the second screen may be capable of flipping around to serve as a viewfinder, allowing the main camera to also double as a selfie shooter.

With the Wing, LG joins a growing list of companies, from Samsung and Motorola to Microsoft and even Apple, looking to experiment with multiple screens and newer form factors to eke out as much productivity as possible from the previously consumption-focused smartphone. And, in that, we wish them all the best!

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