There may be an LG V30 Plus this year

The announcement of the LG V30 is right around the corner, and a report from ET News suggests there will be a separate model announced along side the V30. The LG V30 Plus is said to be exclusive to South Korea and will include some special features over the standard LG V30.

LG pursued a similar strategy for the LG G6, with various regions getting different features initially, a G6 Plus with extra storage released a few months later in South Korea. There's no indication just what features the V30 Plus will include, but it's easy to presume it will include wireless charging and better audio playback than the standard V30.

The report also noted that the LG V30 and V30 Plus would be released on September 15th in South Korea, the same day the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be released in the country. There's no news on when the device would be released in other markets, but the phones are set to be announced on August 31st at IFA.

Would you be interested in an LG V30 Plus? Let us know down below!

Tom Westrick
  • Like the G6 Plus it will be the Korean V30 that gets all the bells and whistles then gets renamed V30 Plus for the rest of the world at an inflated price
  • Not exactly. The Korean LG G6 didn't have Qi wireless charging, while the Korean LG G6 Plus DOES have Qi wireless charging. (Only the U.S. LG G6 has Qi wireless charging.) But LG didn't add Qi wireless charging to all the LG G6 Plus, only to the South Korea model. Other LG G6 Plus like the European model, does not have Qi wireless charging. This whole regionalization of b specs is v stupid. Make ONE PHONE, sell it to the world.
  • If this means they ruin the V-series reputation by not putting Hifi DAC in the US/EU version then screw LG. It would be a punch in the face of us loyal customers. I hope they don't do an incredibly stupid mistake like this.
  • Totally agree if I loose Hi-Fi DAC then LG looses me - or I'll just stay on my V-20 until they come to their senses.
    Video features could improve, but honestly if I want great photos I'll use my Canon 60D and carry quality glass.
  • Yeah, Samsung will WIN!
  • If they released different versions at different prices everywhere then that would be one thing. But releasing a low-end version in most of the world and a higher-end one in some territories simply devalues their offering in most of the world. When the G6 was released I contacted LG to tell them that if they'd released the version with 64GB storage and a high-end DAC in the UK I'd have bought it, but releasing a low-spec version here when I know it has higher specs in other regions put me right off, and indeed made me less interested than I'd have been if they'd just released the low-spec version globally. But I expect they are still in the stage of congratulating themselves on what they think is a clever regional targetting strategy...
  • LOL! Agreed, it a slap in the face. In my country, it is illegal to treat races, genders, nationalities differently, yet we have cell phone companies thinking they know that certain countries don't want certain features...As soon as I saw all the different things that I liked in the G6 only available in certain variants from certain countries, I struck it off my list, I would have thought the writing was on the wall for them that this was not the way to go, but apparently they are doubling down.
  • Happy asia will get better version...but lg should stop region specific models...release both versions around the world..let people choose...
  • In the famous words of Jay Z, LG "you'll always be number 2"....and in most cases, 3, 4 or even 5 lol... So glad I ditched this dithering manufacturer
  • Quite the ridiculous statement. Remember when Kodak and Polaroid were the top camera manufacturers?
  • Geographical crippling, again. Hard pass.
  • This is so stupid. I don't understand why LG would do this. I guess they keeping their mods by doing this. They should release both of them everywhere and let the people decide.
  • Mods? You are thinking of Motorola. LG dropped the silly mods idea.
  • If Lg thinks we want their low end junk they should just keep it all.
    If they can't send their best to the U.S. then us here in the U.S. won't send our best (U.S dollars) to them!
  • I would not buy the plain phone because I would be concerned that as soon as I did, the Plus version would be made available here in the United States. The Hi - Fi audio would be important to me.
  • Nothing to add than what's been said.. Completely disappointed and will avoid LG going forward if this happens. Been a convert since the G2, moving on to the G4, V10 and now V20.
  • Geez LG it's not that complicated. One of the reasons why I like my V20 so much is because of the Hi-Fi DAC and I'm pretty sure other people would like all the features you can offer, no matter what country they're in. At least offer choice, don't make the choices for people.
  • I want the Plus version I don't want the lesser one at all. I have the V20 and it's a good device but I don't know why it always stutters audio when switching from data to wifi and it doesn't matter what I'm listening to either. If I'm listening to Audible (downloaded to device) or music on my device in any music playing app or Spotify it always stutters the audio if I'm driving and I happen by a place with free wifi it will happen. There has to be a better way to handle that. This never happened on a my Note 7 and doesn't happen to my wife with her S6. It was no different with the G5 and now with the V20 doing it I'm honestly considering a move away from LG once again as I had done with the G5 to a Note 7 but came back because of the recall.
  • I am fine with them releasing regional variations on storage and maybe even RAM, providing the base levels are still high enough, but if they omit any hardware features completely like they did with the G6 and there is zero chance of me buying their phone.
  • LG is one of my least favorite OEMs because their UI is the worst and on top of that they make brain dead decisions like having region specific features. Hopefully, they don't do that with V30 and have minimum 64 GB internal storage, wireless charging, high end DAC present in all regions. And more over release the better non carrier unlocked version in the US at the same time as the crippled carrier versions and keep the unlocked version up to date like other OEMs do. Even Samsung has stepped up the game on their unlocked model this year in the US and getting regular updates unlike previous years.
  • I understand they are a Korean company, but you would think they would want their high end one in America and parts of Europe to improve sales, but whatever. Cripple the storage in the US compared to some other markets or have key features missing and I won't buy it, won't even consider it. It proves they don't value their customers globally.
  • Ugh again!!!???... Why do they keep doing this? Big step down from the prior V series phones in too many wsys. LG=FAIL
  • The G6 is a fantastic phone that could have been even better but there was a huge misstep with making it different depending on the region. Reading that wireless charging and hifi audio are "special features" of the Plus model does not make me happy. I figured LG would have learned their lesson with the G6 that need to just make one phone that is the best phone they can make. I'm absolutely fine with the V30 being a giant G6. I am not fine with I can't get the features I want because LG decides to divide up features. Quit screwing around, LG.
  • This needs to be updated as the V30 plus is indeed coming to the United States and sprint has confirmed that they'll be carrying it.