These LG G6 features are exclusive to the U.S. and Korea

Every phone launch offers some sort of frustration when it comes to differences in models between regions. The LG G6 is thankfully launching around the world, but unfortunately has a couple of features that will remain exclusive to specific regions — and even particular countries. This year wireless charging, a high-performance 32-bit Quad DAC and 64GB storage won't be available around the world on the G6.

Here's what you can expect when you go to buy one.

Wireless charging is exclusive to the U.S.


Here's the big one that will get a few people riled up: only the LG G6 sold in the U.S. will have Qi wireless charging inside. No other country in the world will offer the feature, as LG says the demand isn't high enough to justify it elsewhere.

This will definitely be a downside to those who are expecting to get all of these types of little features in a phone that's going to command a high price. But if there's one bit of solace, it's that every LG G6 will have the same physical dimensions no matter where you buy it — so unlike some previous models, any G6 accessory you buy will fit any G6 around the world.

And of course you can charge up your LG G6 extremely quickly using Quick Charge 3.0.

Quad DAC is exclusive to Korea and a few other Asian countries


LG started touting high-end audio quality with the V10 back in 2015, and doubled down with an all-new Quad DAC on the V20. A very similar 32-bit Quad DAC is coming to the LG G6 as well ... at least, if you're in Asia. LG specifically notes that the Quad DAC is not available in the U.S., Europe, South America or MEA models, leaving basically just LG's own Korea and a few other (unspecified) Asian countries with the higher-quality audio.

Once again this comes down to LG addressing different markets with features it feels will provide the most value — you may recall the much-nicer headphones included with the V20 in Asia. It's also worth noting that if you're in one of the regions listed above, it isn't worth trying to import a phone — dealing with hassle and network incompatibility — just to get the Quad DAC.

Storage differences across the world


This is at once the most understandable but also frustrating regional difference with the LG G6. LG will offer 64GB of storage in Korea, Hong Kong, some other Asian countries, India and CiS models, but restricts the rest of the world to 32GB only. Though some find that amount of storage to be far too little, the vast majority of consumers still prefer the lower price of smaller storage phones and are willing to deal with it. Naturally it keeps things simpler for LG as well.

Of course every LG G6 model will still have a microSD card slot that can expand your storage heartily, which can alleviate some of the worries. Still, some of you out there just won't be satisfied unless there's at least a 64GB — if not a 128GB — model.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.