These LG G6 features are exclusive to the U.S. and Korea

Every phone launch offers some sort of frustration when it comes to differences in models between regions. The LG G6 is thankfully launching around the world, but unfortunately has a couple of features that will remain exclusive to specific regions — and even particular countries. This year wireless charging, a high-performance 32-bit Quad DAC and 64GB storage won't be available around the world on the G6.

Here's what you can expect when you go to buy one.

Wireless charging is exclusive to the U.S.


Here's the big one that will get a few people riled up: only the LG G6 sold in the U.S. will have Qi wireless charging inside. No other country in the world will offer the feature, as LG says the demand isn't high enough to justify it elsewhere.

This will definitely be a downside to those who are expecting to get all of these types of little features in a phone that's going to command a high price. But if there's one bit of solace, it's that every LG G6 will have the same physical dimensions no matter where you buy it — so unlike some previous models, any G6 accessory you buy will fit any G6 around the world.

And of course you can charge up your LG G6 extremely quickly using Quick Charge 3.0.

Quad DAC is exclusive to Korea and a few other Asian countries


LG started touting high-end audio quality with the V10 back in 2015, and doubled down with an all-new Quad DAC on the V20. A very similar 32-bit Quad DAC is coming to the LG G6 as well ... at least, if you're in Asia. LG specifically notes that the Quad DAC is not available in the U.S., Europe, South America or MEA models, leaving basically just LG's own Korea and a few other (unspecified) Asian countries with the higher-quality audio.

Once again this comes down to LG addressing different markets with features it feels will provide the most value — you may recall the much-nicer headphones included with the V20 in Asia. It's also worth noting that if you're in one of the regions listed above, it isn't worth trying to import a phone — dealing with hassle and network incompatibility — just to get the Quad DAC.

Storage differences across the world


This is at once the most understandable but also frustrating regional difference with the LG G6. LG will offer 64GB of storage in Korea, Hong Kong, some other Asian countries, India and CiS models, but restricts the rest of the world to 32GB only. Though some find that amount of storage to be far too little, the vast majority of consumers still prefer the lower price of smaller storage phones and are willing to deal with it. Naturally it keeps things simpler for LG as well.

Of course every LG G6 model will still have a microSD card slot that can expand your storage heartily, which can alleviate some of the worries. Still, some of you out there just won't be satisfied unless there's at least a 64GB — if not a 128GB — model.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Ugh I was pretty excited for the DAC on the G6. Why don't we get the good stuff??
  • Same here. One of the main reasons I was gonna try this phone out. Now I will just wait for the Galaxy S8.
  • LG keeps on digging. This phone is DoA.
  • Exactly this last year it was Modular phone's this year it's restricting features to regions major features like DAC Qi and storage
  • Pretty sad isn't it.
  • With the specs this is what the g5 should have been.
  • with that processor, battery, and camera, it really is a g5, SMH They pretty much screwed everything on this phone up IMO, except the design.
  • Totally agree, I only wanted the quad dac
  • WTF is LG thinking
  • Just make one flippin phone! Do it well and sell it world wide, how is that hard to do?
  • I'm going to buy my next ZTE phone the Axon 7
  • Exactly!
  • Right. Put EVERYTHING into the phone. Qi wireless, 64GB/128GB, microSD, hi-fi audio -- and add front stereo speakers. If LG made their version of ZTE Axon 7 with Qi wireless, I'd buy 3 of them.
  • They just keep tripping over there own feet trying to get into a arms race with Samsung and apple that's a race there not gonna win with this half ass attempt and you know they won't spend a dime on advertisement ....Sorry LG ...Bring on the beast Sammy
  • You mean the $1K S8
  • I'll pay $1000 for 128gb and gigs of ram no problem money in the pocket already
  • its going to be the same price as iPhones. So yeah, probably more expensive, but that just the new price of phones. deal or keep your old stuff
  • This is so stupid. I will continue to say this: do things the Apple way! Everybody(Country, region, whatever) that gets an iPhone gets an iPhone. Period. So glad I'm happy with my V20 and didn't get my hopes up for this. I hope LG knows what they're doing.
  • I think it's abundantly clear that LG has no clue about what they're doing.
    I can't wait to see the miserable financial reports after this flop of a phone.
  • Too bad cause I really like LG but the V20 will most likely be my last phone from them for a while. Still an excellent phone.
  • LG management is really stupid, this phone could be awesome, yet those limitation, poor camera(see AC samples) and small battery is really killing it, SD821 is ok as sammy took over SD835 for now, yet again the S8 might not be special but G6 has no chance against it again...
  • Wait, 3300mAh is now considered small? It wasn't long ago that we considered it large.
  • yeah and we used to consider 8mp camera the pinnacle of smartphone tech.. times change if you havent noticed. the s7e has 300mAh more battery with same ram and cpu and barely makes it through a day. so yeah, 3300 is small.
  • The S8 and S8Plus are definitely special they are the big players on Android. I'm an ZTE guy I can't afford 800 dollar phones don't make sense to even try for me. I'll get the Axon 7 next. But the S8 is the clear winner here especially in the United States.
  • Oh so they decided to burry the G6 before it even launches. Ok. LOL
    LG, your mobile division is pathetic. If I had any intention of buying this crappy phone, no wireless charging in Europe immediately killed it. They must have apes running their mobile division.
  • Lol LG wtf are they thinking. The only thing Sammy does is use different processor across different regions. Tis right here is f*xkery at its finest.
  • I can't stand when companies start hyping features of their phones then unveil them and say, oh nevermind that's not for you. Manufacturers need to just release one SKU and be done with it. Them producing multiple versions of the phone only drives up their research and development costs and that gets passed on to the consumer.
  • Correct!
  • right!! thats what i was thinking. We got some LG exec sitting there looking at the financials hemorrhaging money, and then say... "let make 6 variants of the same phone" R and D cost are more, updates will be WIDELY missed due to the many configurations (LG's track record with updates doesnt help here either) and not to mention that LG will have to pay more money just to get those updates out in dev and testing. smh.
  • Can you hear the Samsung execs laughing? The S8 just won, even though it's delayed.
  • So I guess US is US, and we Canadian is out of luck with the wireless charging feature? Way to go LG! Bean counter at work!
  • no one is interested in wireless charging if you arent in the US... geez. Just ask LG!
  • Im dissapointed on LG!no quad dac no 64GB = no buy. I will just get a v20 instead. It has more features than this G6!if people want to buy a is because they have the money..if not then they just buy a midrange phone..if i was LG CEO 8 thing i would haved already boosted sales from a long time ago. They want to save money on excluding features then they will waste more money producing something people wont rush!
  • So much hate in the comments. You have to realize not everyone is a bunch of phone nerds like us. To most people, they wouldn't even be able to notice a "Quad DAC" or only 32 GB of storage. They'll just know their phone takes great Instagram photos, is waterproof, and can wirelessly charge. IMO they kept all the important features and I feel like they're pretty justified. They're not Apple or Samsung so they have to be a little more careful with their money and money allocated for licensing fess and whatnot.
  • You may be right but still no reason not to offer , it would be a great selling point to those who might not normally purchase LG phone. Also all of us "phone nerds" are the ones that regular people come to when they need a phone recommendations. Word of mouth is huge. As and IT person who helps clients get the best bang for their buck, this is one phone I will tell them to avoid.
  • Careful with their money huh? That what you think this was? R&D costs and on going maintenance costs (updates, etc) are going to be WAY more with 6 variants of this phone on LG. and you are right, most people wont notice. .. Until the S8 and other updated flagships are sitting right next to it. But they will notice the 3300 mAh battery and the fact they will have to be a wall hugger to keep this thing charged. Not to mention, that from the camera samples, they might notice a drop in their photo quality depending on what phone they are coming from. Camera samples i have seen look no good.
  • People that would be able to notice "Quad DAC" are not concentrated in Korea, as people that love wireless charging are not concentrated in the US
  • at least the wireless charging though, but yea the other features i can let go.
  • It was annoying that wireless charging wasn't built into the G4 after having 'invested' in a few chargers for my G3. Not without a new NFC sticker/wireless charging sticker from China anyway, or a ridiculously expensive case. I was really hanging out for it in the G6 (had the G2, 3 and 4, skipped the 5). But without wireless charning (I'm in Europe), looks like it will be the S8 then.
    If it's not hard to put in, put it in all of them!
  • I therefore won't be buying one.
  • "Hey, our phone is looking too good this time. Let's think of some stupid limitation that will make it less so!"
  • I was going to get it a replacement for the V20. I loved the DAC in that device. But now there is no DAC in the US? Yeah that's dead along with my excitement.
  • I don't use cords, so dac doesn't affect me, but storage for flagship needs to be flagship level. So does battery. No use buying a Ferrari with a 3 gallon gas tank.
  • Ferrari just turned in his grave because of your comparison :))))
    This is a Hyundai that wasn't to be Bentley so bad, that every commercial it talks more about Bentley than POS they sell to convince you it is equally good. Lol
  • LG think people in US don't like quality music or something. Very sad story with the company that doesn't learn from mistakes. And very sad that this brand new phone is older than my year old SGS7 edge. LG RIP for me. What a let down MWC. If anything P10 P10+ got a leg up on all the phones got announced at MWC so far.
  • I understand... With the USA consumers all whining about "needing" wireless charging and no one really "needing" the hi def audio yet (it's still considered a niche) it's smart of them to make desirable features region specific instead of spending extra money on things certain regions don't necessarily care about. Now with that being said with us being Americans we want our phones to have every possible thing in it so we can say it has it even if we never use it
  • at least the wireless charging for everyone: I'm guessing Canada isn't getting ANY of the above features, which is WORSE than getting limited features. Just make one phone!
  • 'LG specifically notes that the Quad DAC is not available in the U.S., Europe, South America or MEA models....' What about Canada, because we are not the US/Europe/SA/MEA..?!
  • Wtf z this supposed to mean LG??
  • Makes zero sense. I was hoping for the DAC and mic setup from v20 with improvements. That would have been one of my biggest reasons to purchase. Dammit. Lol. Can't wait for a full thorough review
  • Excellent job Lg, make a beautiful phone, and then work extra hard to f'ck it up otherwise.
  • Could be worse, LG could have limited features to specific carriers. At least the G6 doesn't have a curved screen gimmick, that makes the phone easier to hold.
  • At least the wireless charging is there, and no one's going to PMA, I guess (was irritated when AT&T screwed with the Lumia 1520 line for not being a PMA device). As long as microSD is there, I don't mind if they don't go big internally, 32 GB is fine (again, only when microSD is present, though, my music collection can't fit on 32 GB!). I'll look at LG most closely as I continue to see if Microsoft's going to simply force its fans to bail on an OS they won't support in 2017.
  • I would give up wireless charging for the Quad DAC. I never loved wireless charging since using the phone isn't all that easy while you're charging. I charge everyday yeah, but with quick charge that process is super fast. Say, an hour or so on average. The quad DAC could have given me hours upon hours of pure listening enjoyment. Anyone who has listened to the V20 knows what I'm talking about. Oh well, maybe the G7 won't skimp.
  • WOW!! Why are South Korean smartphone makers so stupid? News flash: SD card storage is WAY slower and less reliable than internal storage. "We stuck an SD card slot in there for ya, so us skimping on internal storage won't bother you one bit." At some level they must get it cuz they're making a 64GB version. They just aren't selling it to the vast majority of the planet. I'm sick to death of seeing storage space running low alerts. The quad DAC alone would be better than wireless charging. ASUS put 256GB internal + SD card slot, 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 821, 5 7" super AMOLED display and all great specs in everything else in a smartphone LAST YEAR. Glad to see LG catching up on the gimmicks though. But why not come out with a phone that has it ALL?? Having contracts to be sold in cellular provider's stores clearly makes OEM's stupid and lazy. Meanwhile, some company called Turin Robotics has annouced a phone with TWO Snapdragon 830's, 12GB RAM, 1TB internal storage, TWO SD card slots, 60MP X 20MP cameras with 6K HD recording, lots more unheard of bells and whistles in about the same form factor as the LG V20. Should be going on sale at about the same time as the G6 for about the same price as the Google Pixel XL. Shows what is actually possible and demonstrates how lazy the big name brand OEM's have gotten.
  • There are Korean LG G6's with the Quad DAC on eBay - do they have 4G LTE and will they work on AT&T? I was really wanting the Quad DAC, from audiophile reviews it is supposed to be a solid improvement over the V20 Quad DAC which is already awesome (so I hear)...
  • There are Korean LG G6's with the Quad DAC on eBay - do they have 4G LTE and will they work on AT&T? I was really wanting the Quad DAC, from audiophile reviews it is supposed to be a solid improvement over the V20 Quad DAC which is already awesome (so I hear)...
  • There are so many LTE bands on the Korean version of G6 that the phone should be able to take advantage of all AT&T LTE bands. I am on T-Mobile and my new Korean version G6 works great. You get the following LTE bands on it: B1, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B12, B20, B26, B28, B38, B39, B40, B41.
  • I wish the asian quad dac versuon had the wireless charging , or there was a tweak to have the wireless charging with a imported g6 from there :/