For the most part, we came away very impressed with the Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL. The phones aren't perfect, but then again, no phone is. The Pixel 2 XL comes equipped with a 6-inch 2880 x 1440 pOLED LG display, and while that sounds great on paper, people's reception to it has been all over the place.

Right now, there are two main complaints with the Pixel 2 XL's display – its viewing angles and "dull" colors. The former of those two complaints has to do with the LG panel itself, but the numerous reports of colors looking washed out is a result of Google purposefully calibrating the display to an sRGB profile. Google says that this allows the Pixel 2 XL's display to be more color accurate than competing devices, and while this might be true, the initial reception isn't entirely positive.

Here's what some of our forum users have to say.


I think I'm going to cancel my pre-order of the XL. I just can't spend almost $1,000 on a phone with issues like this.


i just got mine. I'm setting it up right now. It's a keeper! Yeah, I can see the off-axis blue. Hell, I can even see it head-on for now on all-white pages. It's still a beautiful screen despite its shortcomings. I believe I'll get used to the tint, and I'm sure to theme it with Swift Black eventually anyway. Incidentallly, I think turning off Vivid Colors helps to cut back on the blue a...


Guessing it might bother some more than others depending on how they use their phone too. Like mine is kept on a stand on my desk at work all day and it does rest at a slight angle. BUT I’m also not looking at white screens all the time. Usually playing videos or something while I’m working. Even when I saw it at the store I didn’t think it was a deal breaker, but the smaller pixel did have...


I saw the display before I saw all of the talk of how bad the display is. This is for sure not being blown out of proportion. Whether or not the screen looks bad to your eye is a different story. I can confirm that for myself, the display is as bad as the worst reports say. The fact that the display is the component of the phone that you use more than any other component, makes it very important...


I'll share some more in-depth thoughts of my own later next week, but until then, we'd like to know – What do you think about the Pixel 2 XL's display?

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