Let this travel-sized white noise machine lull you to sleep at a 50% discount

Dreamegg D3 White Noise Machine Hero
Dreamegg D3 White Noise Machine Hero (Image credit: Thrifter)

Getting a good night's rest is crucial to having a great day tomorrow, but if the noises and distractions around you keep you from falling asleep, you could benefit from picking up a white noise machine like the Dreamegg D3 (opens in new tab). It's travel-sized so you can use it anywhere you go, and today it drops to just $14.99 at Amazon when you use promo code 79BI5U3G during checkout. That saves you 50% off its full price and marks one of its best deals in history.

The D3 White Noise Machine features 24 different sounds to help lull you to sleep and mask any disturbing noises that might otherwise keep you awake. It includes seven variations of white noise, seven fan sounds, and ten different nature sounds such as birds, waves, brook, thunder, campfire, and more. It's designed to be compact enough to bring anywhere, and with its built-in rechargeable battery, you'll be able to use it anywhere as well.

With its rechargeable battery, this white noise machine has no trouble lasting throughout the night, though there's also a built-in timer so you can set it to turn off once you know you'll be sound asleep. You also have the option of using it while it's plugged in and not worry about its battery going dead. A USB charging cable is included with its purchase, though you'll need to plug it into a power source you already own, like a USB wall charger (opens in new tab).

This white noise machine even has an adjustable volume and a headphone input. It also remembers your settings so you don't have to click on your favorite sound each time you power it on. Dreamegg includes a travel bag with its purchase.

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